Party Plan: Share a Story Christmas Party

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Christmas is the season of stories. There’s the story of the first Christmas—the Biblical narrative of the birth of the Christ child. Then we have all the re-tellings of that story—tales that focus on the shepherds, angels, animals and wise men.

Then we have the same story set in different historical times including modern day, and stories whose subjects reflect the values of the original Christmas story. New Christmas stories are made up every day and turned into movies for continuous-play broadcast channels.

So, what could be a more appropriate way to celebrate the holidays than to host a Share a Story Christmas party? Invite your friends over to hear some of the wonderful stories of the season told by an expert storyteller.

A storyteller is not just appropriate at a children’s party—a storyteller can also hold adults in thrall. After all, human history was originally passed down through oral tradition—adult tribesmen listening to the group’s teller of tales sharing the stories of famous battles and heroes, the legends of their ancestors.

Hire a professional storyteller or a highly experienced librarian or teacher skilled at storytelling. If you can’t locate a storyteller’s league in your area via the Internet, check with your local librarians who should have contacts.

Work with your storyteller for the types of stories you want to feature. You might want the Christmas stories to have a secular slant, a religious theme or a mixture of both. You might have some Christmas books you’d like to be used, or your storyteller might have suggestions.

After lining up your entertainment, this is an easy party to put together—all you have to do is provide a party space with comfortable seating and some tasty treats to nibble on. You might have Christmas cookies or other one-hand goodies.

If you are hosting children, serve refreshments after the storytelling; with adult guests, you can begin your party with refreshments and allow guests to eat and drink as they listen to the storyteller. You may want to have simple nibbles out with drinks and serve a special dessert after the storyteller’s performance.

This party should be memorable—a real hit with all your guests who will remember the stories shared for years to come.

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