DIY Project: Snowmen Salt and Pepper Shakers

Are you looking for an easy holiday craft for you and your children to make for Christmas gifts? Here’s one that’s very inexpensive and easy to make—and very appropriate for grandmothers, aunts, neighbors and teachers-Snowmen Salt and Pepper Shakers!

You can pick up plain clear glass salt and pepper shakers for a dollar a pair at a dollar store. Make sure that you get shakers that have four flat blank sides. You can pick up small acrylic bottles of paint at your favorite craft or discount store for less than a dollar each—you only need white, red, green, purple. If you already have paints, you probably don’t need to buy more because this craft takes so little.

You’ll also need a black and orange fine-tip paint pens or permanent markers, several Q-Tips, and a small paintbrush.

When you are ready to paint and have newspaper down on your work space, wipe off and dry the shakers. Shake up your paint bottles, and then remove the tops. Since this project requires so little paint, I usually just dip my Q-Tip or paintbrush in the bottle.

I suggest painting the snowman first on one side of the shaker. Using a Q-tip dipped in white paint, you can make three large snowballs. You can also use your fingertip to make the snowballs. Once the snowballs have dried, then you can add with a paintbrush the scarf, earmuffs or the Santa hat in the appropriate colors. Then after those dry, add the final colored details and the black details.

On the other three sides of the shakers, use a Q-Tip dipped in white paint to paint random snowflakes, if you want them.

Let the paint on your shakers dry before putting the shakers back in the box they came in.

Wrap and give!

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