Party Plan: Winter Olympics Party Themes

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The television and news are full of stories about the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February. We are excited by the fact that this winter games only occur every four years. We are excited because they highlight the best athletes in winter sports in the world. We are excited because these games brighten the dark drear of winter, and we are excited because we can cheer for our American athletes. So with all this to be excited about, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate by hosting a Winter Olympics party?

This type of international sports competition lends itself to many different types of parties for both adults and children, separately or at the same time. If you decide to host an Olympics party, you will need to decide the age of your guests and what will be of interest to them. Here are some Winter Olympics party themes around which you might choose to plan your party:

Fundraiser for the U.S. Olympic Teams—you might choose to host a large or small cocktail party, dinner or dance to raise money for the American athletes who need financial support in order to pursue their training. You could host this party while the Open Ceremony or specific competitions are shown as the background

A Pre-Opening Ceremony Patriotic Parade—This is a great way to get children excited about cheering for the American athletes. Ask your guests to wear red, white and blue; provide flags and other decorative items to wave and wear. Have a patriotic playlist to play on speakers.

An Olympic Torch Run and Lighting—This relay can be set up in your neighborhood for interested adults and/or children with the spots designated for the torch pass-offs all leading to a central spot at your house. You can use a large strong flashlight for the torch, ask runners to wear red, white and blue and give them flags to wave. You could use a firepit as the container for the Olympic torch fire. Invite all the neighbors so you will have folks to cheer your runners, and have simple refreshments to share with spectators.

The Opening Ceremony Viewing Party—have a large-screen television and seating for guests to watch the ceremony. Try to have your food and drink in a separate party space so those watching the ceremony will not be disturbed by those eating and visiting.

Viewings of Specific Sports Events—find out when the different sporting events are being broadcast, and plan your party for the evening when your favorite competitions will be held. Maybe your friends would be most interested in the skating finals or in the more extreme events. Prepare trivia quizzes for these sports to play with your guests.

Winter Olympics Competitions Outdoors
o Host actual winter sports competitions for adults—skating, hockey, sledding or more—you can treat these as real contests for those guests with real skills
o Host made-up winter sports competitions for adults—you can adapt real winter competitions to be played by non-athletes in non-snow or ice settings
o Host actual winter sports competitions for children
o Host made-up winter sports competitions for children

Winter Olympics Competitions Indoors for either adults or children
o Host made-up winter sports competitions—you can make short cardboard skis for relays, use roller skates on a basement floor for contests, make ski jumps out of split pool noodles to race skiers (marbles or toy cars); and more. Have medal ceremonies for your winners with music and platforms and give out homemade medals.

Winter Olympics Party for children—have crafts and trivia about the history of the Olympics themselves, the countries participating, the individual sports, the country hosting the games.

Become involved in cheering for the world’s athletes in this ultimate competition—it’s a great time to bond with your family and friends, to learn more about the sporting world and be a part of a historic worldwide event.

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