Party Plan: Luck of the Irish Party

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Are you feeling like lucky? Feeling like St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to celebrate that luck? Then why not throw a Luck of the Irish party which you can adapt to reflect the kind of luck you enjoy the most?

“Luck of the Irish” is a phrase that dates back to the days of the American gold rush when apparently some of the most successful miners were of Irish and Irish-American descent. The word luck ,which means extremely good fortune, dates back to the Middle Ages where in the 1500’s it came about as a gambling term.

You can celebrate Irish luck in the traditional way at St. Patrick’s Day parties for children with clovers or shamrocks (three- or four-leaf), rabbit’s feet, (use stuffed toy bunnies), lucky pennies, lucky charms, leprechauns, lucky stones, and rainbows. All represent good luck. You could set up large tubs of sand or pebbles in which hidden lucky items are hidden for guests to search for. You can set up relay races for teams who try to be the first to fill their pots of gold with play gold coins.

Irish leprechauns are believed to have a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow, and the person who could capture one of these wee fairy creatures dressed in green would be lucky enough to be granted three wishes. You could hide a paper leprechaun for your guests to find in your home or in your yard–the winner of this scavenger hunt could win a plastic black pot of gold candy coins.

Children can play a number of card games whose “lucky” winners receive prizes. Guests can guess how many chocolate coins are in the leprechaun’s pot and the winner takes the coins, which he/she will share with the other guests. Guests can write out their three wishes to be shared later–guests try to guess whose wishes are whose.

Adults can celebrate the “luck of the Irish” by setting up game nights with the guests trying to be lucky enough to be winners. Card parties of all types are always popular–bridge , canasta, poker, bunco and more. If you want to add the excitement of gambling to your games, you may want to rent casino games and go all out for an elegant evening of adventuring.

Horseracing games can be rented so your guests can bet on their favorite horses. You might also get several horse-race videos, have your guests place their bets before you all watch the video. See which of your friends is on a lucky winning streak!

For elaborate scavenger hunts with lucky items or clues where to find them are hidden in your community, you can send your guests out in teams in cars to see who can find the objects first and return home to the finish line. Then treat the winning team to prizes and all your guests to special food and drink for the holiday.

If you plan a fun-loving interactive party like this to celebrate the holiday, there is no way that your guests won’t feel they had the luck of the Irish to be invited!! Enjoy!

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