Tablescape: Mardi Gras Dinner Tablesetting

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If wild New Orleans street celebrations are not exactly your style, you might plan instead an elegant Mardi Gras dinner party for your friends. Your gathering can still feature the elements of the festive holiday and be celebrated in a quieter way–check out this Mardi Gras dinner tablesetting for ideas you can adapt to make your own.

This dining room table seats ten people so you need a very long tablecloth. For this event, I found some wonderful purple and green metallic plaid fabric at the fabric store to use as my tablecloth. Two of the three Mardi Gras colors taken care of–I just needed gold to complete the color triumvirate. Purple represents justice, green represents faith, and gold represents power.

Because the plaid is very busy, I tried to use solid colors for the rest of the accessories. I used gold chargers, white dinner plates, clear glass water goblets and champagne glasses,  gold metallic cloth napkins and gold beaded napkin rings for the other elements. Each dinner plate was decorated with a face mask in purple, green or gold and a small Mardi Gras treat box with candy. Since this is such a long table, I though a long runner centerpiece would be a good complementary look. I used Christmas balls in gold and gold votive candles down the length of the table and interspersed a few of the purple, green and gold face masks to add color and to tie in with the party favors at each place-setting. In the center of the runner, I used a large clear glass brandy snifter vase with more gold balls and purple, green and gold paper horns sticking up. Mardi Gras beads in the traditional colors are draped over the sides of the vase.

All this festive color will put your guests in the right mood for a Mardi Gras celebration before the beginning of a more somber Lent. You can use Mardi Gras beads, noisemakers, horns, and streamers on your table and as your party favors. You can set a pretty table with disposable plates and napkins, too. Check your local dollar or discount store for trinkets and decorations or order your favorites from an online party supply house. Ask your guests to wear Mardi Gras colors or beads if they have them.

Prepare a delicious Creole meal for your guests–make it all from scratch or find prepared menu items at your local grocery. Shrimp and grits is my favorite, but jambalaya is fabulous, too. Look on the Internet–many of your favorite celebrity chefs have complete Mardi Gras menus from which you can select. Your friends will think you are from Nawlins.

Don’t forget to download a Mardi Gras playlist to play in the background while you enjoy appetizers or your meal. You might also want to look on the Internet for some Mardi Gras trivia you can share with your guests.

Host a marvelous Mardi Gras dinner with friends and family at home this year. Enjoy! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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