Party Plan: Childrens Easter Crafts Party

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After a long dreary winter, springtime brings warm days, bright happy colors and joyful thoughts to children young and old. In preparation for Easter, the celebration of resurrection and spring’s hope for the world, a childrens Easter crafts party is a wonderful to get the young ones in the spirit of the season.

This party might be held a week or two ahead of Easter and have less emphasis on Easter eggs or candy. Many children may already be attending Easter Egg hunts the week of Easter, and you don’t want to duplicate those activities. This might also be the perfect back-up option if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your egg hunt idea.

This kind of craft-making party can be held for children of any age as long as you plan appropriately. The length of the party should be no more than two hours, including serving refreshments—perhaps an hour and a half is more than enough for the younger children. Make sure the crafts you choose are age-appropriate. Younger children may need few crafts and more free play time or music activities than older children who can concentrate for longer periods of time. The number of guests you can accommodate depends on the party space in which you will host your event. If you are having the party at home, you may not want to host more than ten children, but if you are having your party at a school, community center or church, you may be able to host a great many more. Just be certain you have enough teen or adult helpers if you are hosting a larger party.

You can use one of two approaches to a craft-making party–you can have all the guests make each craft at the same time or have several craft-making stations to which the guests rotate so everyone has space to work, supplies to use, and allows restless guests to move to a new project at their leisure. You will need to have all your supplies ready for each craft so once your guests begin working, you don’t have to root about for what you need. If any of your crafts are messy to make, make certain you have a plastic drop cloth on the floor under the work table and a plastic cloth on the table so your crafting won’t ruin your furniture. Be sure to have hand-wipes for the children to clean off their hands when each craft is complete.

On your computer, google “Easter crafts for children,” and before you say, “Peter Cottontail,” you will find many colorful, easy crafts from which you can select for your young guests to do. It’s just a matter of preference. Here are some that I think would be cute:

  • Toilet Paper Roll Rabbits–cover the cardboard rolls with bright wrapping or scrapbook paper and tape or glue on paper ears and feet. Decorate the faces with plastic googly eyes, chenille stems for the whiskers and a button or paper nose. You could fill the rabbits with jelly beans for favors.
  • Bunny Ears Headbands–white construction paper headbands secured with tape or staples makes all your guests look like the Easter bunny, especially if you use face paint to complete the look.
  • Rabbit Masks–use white paper plates, more googly eyes and chenille stem whiskers, paper ears, and paint sticks or dowels to make rabbit face masks–the guests can hold these up as photo props for having their pictures taken. You can use the basic bunny face made from a white paper plate to make a Easter basket or wall or door decorations.
  • Easter Egg Bouquets- pierce small holes in the bottom of plastic Easter eggs and insert wooden barbeque skewers into them. The eggs on the skewers can then be placed in a plastic or glass vase with a colorful bow to create a bright bouquet.
  • Yarn Wrapped Eggs–blow up small balloons into egg-like shapes, and wrap them all over with white glue-dipped yarns of different colors. Let the glue dry, and then puncture the balloons inside and put them out. The result is a collection of colorful lightweight eggs to display in a large bowl or platter. You can also put several small wrapped Easter candies inside the balloons before you blow them up so when you remove the balloons, the candies are inside your yarn wrapped eggs as treats.

Food crafts are especially fun for a party–your guests can make their own refreshments! It’s probably best to save the food items to do at the end of the crafting sessions. If none of your crafts involve food, you can serve holiday foods at the end of the party. Try not to serve too many sweets–you can serve one or two, and put the others in clear plastic bags to send home with each guest as favors. Little baby carrots and dip or orange goldfish crackers bagged like carrots would be good to serve as well as hard-boiled eggs that you let the guests dye and decorate beforehand. Use Easter cookie cutters to make tea sandwiches of cheese, egg salad or peanut butter.

You could easily make these Easter chow mein noodle candy nests to enjoy and take home. See the post with this recipe.

A time to make spring and Easter crafts together is a great way to get children excited about the season.  Even if the weather where you live has not turned as spring-like as you’d wish, you can still get in the mood, making bright, cheery crafts with which to decorate your home!

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