Party Pointers: Easter Decorations at Home


Most homeowners think about how to decorate inside their homes for seasonal holidays. However, decorating outdoors can be just as fun as decorating indoors and can be a very welcoming sight to friends coming to your home for a visit.

Regardless of whether your idea of Easter décor leans more toward the religious than the cute bunny side, remember that the colors of Easter are the colors of spring– soft, light pastels of blue, pink, green and yellow (or the “hot” deeper hues of these colors)– are perfect for this season. Here are some inexpensive ideas for Easter decorations at home for the spring celebration season:

Wreaths: Hundreds of options are available for springtime wreaths from those you make yourself to purchased ones. Bright spring silk flowers and greenery, Easter eggs, butterflies, stuffed rabbits or chicks are just a few of the items that might be attached to a door wreath. Wreaths can also be hung on wreath stands sitting on your porch or patio or from shepherd’s crook poles out in your yard or garden.

Flags and banners: You can customize your yard décor by hanging full-size flags or banners from your porch or in your yard. Use your mailbox as a flagpole or hanger for a smaller garden-size flag. In addition, it is simple to change the flag for new holidays and seasons, without requiring effort or expense, and flags can be reused for many years.

Inflatables: Although some think that these are a cheesy addition to the yard, they can be a fun way to decorate for the Easter holiday, especially if you have children who love them. Most retailers offer a wide variety of inflatables, from bunnies or chicks to large crosses or similar themes for the Easter celebration.

Cutouts: Stand-up cutouts can be purchased in a wide variety of kits and patterns. There are dozens of projects to choose from, at retailers online or in more traditional stores, including many craft stores. Some do-it-yourself projects may take time to complete, but most are simple to construct, and many come with easy instructions.

Lawn stakes: These are some of the simplest ways to decorate your yard for Easter. Simply push the stake into the yard in the desired location, or use a mallet with a softer tip to tap the stake into place. Lots of unique designs are available in many local retailers.

Lights: Add a unique touch with lights, and you can use your Christmas lights for this purpose if you wish. The best option is to create a theme with white or clear lights, although you can easily use a few strands of Easter-themed pastels or decorative lights for a cute way to personalize your Easter-themed yard.

Hanging decorations: If you have a porch or area set aside for hanging flower pots, you can opt for Easter-themed decorations that hang. Most retailers offer slogans or quotes on flags or banners with an Easter theme. You could also choose to hang a cute bunny windsock or a basket of spring flowers. Many people also make a tradition of hanging plastic colored Easter eggs in a bare branched tree to announce the arrival of Easter and spring.

Sitting decorations: Giant plastic eggs are available from retailers and can be scattered around the lawn as if ready for an Easter egg hunt. These eggs can also be used in window boxes, birdbaths or porches for effect. You can also purchase or make your own giant Easter bunny, much as you would make a scarecrow, to sit on a chair on your porch or in your garden.

There are a lot of ideas to use for creating an Easter theme in your yard, most of which are relatively inexpensive. Create something that is geared toward the friendly side of Easter, with bunnies, flowers, pastels, colored eggs, and similar artwork or décor. If you would prefer the more religious overtones often associated with the Easter celebration, you might choose crosses, stained glass, and lilies.


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