Tablescape: Elegant Easter Candy Rabbit Tablescape

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If you are thinking about how to set a formal table for your Easter family gathering, but you’d also like to have it bright and cheerful, check out this elegant Easter candy rabbit tablescape. This tablescape offers formality with fun.

This tablescape took its inspiration from the gray-bordered china I have–Rondolet by Fitz and Floyd. It looks very nice with silver accessories, but the plain china needs a pop of color. So when I was thinking about what to do with it, I came across some Easter candy rabbits that were wrapped in white and gray foil at my local drug store. Those hollow chocolate rabbits were so sweet-looking in a realistic way, and I know they were perfect to use with my dishes. So now that I knew I would use the candy rabbits, I was ready to start. I used a crisp white cotton tablecloth to ground the tablescape. White tablecloths are synonymous with formal tables. Then I added silver acrylic  chargers beneath my gray-bordered dinner plates, as well as my clear crystal water goblets and Chantilly sterling silver flatware. 

Fresh spring flowers are always acceptable on formal tables, and at Easter, what could be lovelier? I decided that medium pink azaleas and deeper pink ones from my yard would be the perfect accent for the gray, silver and white on the table. I also used a few white Easter lilies to tie into the season. Because these flowers only needed to last the length of our family luncheon, I did not put them in water. I just tucked them in around the chocolate rabbits which I sat on top on clear glass dessert bowls to raise them up a bit. You could have used low glass bowls with water to put the flowers in or used the small floral water tubes, available in craft shops with the floral supplies. Then you could tuck in your flowers and greenery to cover up the bowls or tubes.With the bright pinks of the azaleas, I decided that I would use pink cotton napkins as liners to my gray and white polka dot cotton napkins for the coordinating color. All you do for this napkin look is to lay the outer napkin flat on the table and then place the inner napkin at an angle over it. Then you pick up the two napkins from their centers at the same time, and pull them through your napkin ring. I used a wire pearl garland to create my napkin rings. I found the nine-foot pearl garland at Christmas where it was intended to be draped around a Christmas tree. But I have used it at many different seasons and for occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, bridal and baby showers, and ladies’ luncheon. All I did was to cut a foot-long piece of garland and wrapped it around my finger to create a spiral. These spirals can be pressed close together or looser as desired. I placed the napkins on top of the dinner plates to add to the color.You could achieve the same basic look for your tablescape with a different color scheme, different dishes, different flowers, different napkins and different chocolate Easter candy rabbits. Look at the items you have at home for entertaining and see how you can arrange them. Candy and rabbits are inexpensive Easter icons you can use in your table centerpiece for a lovely but festive table.


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