Party Plan: Different Types of Showers

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 When we think of showers, we usually think of women laughing and playing games at bridal or baby showers. But showers can be given for many more occasions.

The idea of this kind of party is to “shower” the guest of honor with items that he or she might not have in his or her new circumstances. Showers are not exclusively for women–they can be for men and women and include all ages as appropriate.

Here are some different types of showers you might consider giving for special loved ones–this list is by no means definitive–use your imagination to come up with your own unique type of shower:

  • Off to College–gifts could be items for the dorm room, change for laundry or snacks, electronics or memories of home
  • Empty Nester–if a friend is entering a new phase of life as her children go off to college or start out on their own, celebrate with small gifts like movie tickets or gift cards to restaurants for two (even single empty-nesters will want to take a friend along)
  • First Apartment
  • Entering the Armed Forces
  • Welcome Home–for family or friends who have been on deployment, away at school, living out of town
  • Moving Away
  • Welcome to New Neighbors
  • Home Decorating–for first-time homeowners or apartment dwellers or empty-nesters refreshing their homes
  • Single—this could be a housewarming for a young person moving out into his or her first apartment. This can also be offered as a support for a favorite single friend or a group of friends.
  • Graduation   
  • Starting Over Again (Divorce or Break-Up)—if the divorcee is setting up housekeeping again, gifts of household items would be appropriate. If the divorcee has no need for housekeeping items, gifts could be fun or pampering items to show support for this friend going through a difficult time. Serve the guest of honor’s favorite foods.
  • Old Wives Tales Shower—after many years of marriage, “old wives” deserve a boost. Each guest brings a fun gift and each gets to select one. Each guest may be called upon to share a story about what she has learned from her years of marriage.


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