Tablescape: Large-Group Spring Gardening Lunch

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Is your club or organization planning a spring luncheon? Are you in charge of decorations? Well, here are photos of an easy large-group spring gardening lunch décor that you might be able to adapt to work for you!

These decorations would work well for a general springtime theme, a gardening theme (great for a garden club), or an Earth Day theme. It can also be used for a “growing young things” theme for school or child-related gatherings. It could be used for a “growing a new future” theme or a “our future is blooming.”This was a spring fellowship luncheon I did for our Second Sunday Lunch at my church. I decorate for these once a month and love coming up with different themes. I thought the gardening theme would work well with the warming weather and rebirth we associate with spring.I began with white paper tablecoverings and squares of green and purple vinyl tablecloths laid diagonally across of the center of the tables. I made the squares by cutting regular rectangular vinyl tablecloths into large squares. I save these toppers to use again as long as they don’t get wet or sticky.

I used a two-sided napkin with purple spiky flowers on one side and purple, green and blue stripes on the other side. These napkins were alternated at the place settings so guests could enjoy seeing the designs on both sides. I found these at Ollie’s outlet at a very inexpensive price for a large number of napkins. Because I am constantly decorating for clubs and organizations, I frequently buy pretty napkins that I believe I can use and stash them until I need them. The flatware and the napkins delineated the place settings. To the left of each fork at each place was a sprig of a lavender flowering bush that a friend of mine let clip me from her yard. 


On top of each topper, I laid out a gardening vignette with lavender or light gardening gloves, two green gardening tools, several brown peat pots, a clay flower pot or two, green and white plastic flower pots, several packets of flower seeds and a birds nest and egg. The gloves and gardening tools were bought at a dollar store, the peat pots came from a discount garden center and the clay and plastic pots I have saved over the years to use for decorating. They too could be purchased at a garden center. The bird’s nests and eggs came from a craft store and the seed packets I found on sale in a drug store. You could probably borrow a lot of these items from your friends and neighbors if you don’t have a budget to buy any decorations. Perhaps you can use some of the decorations for door prizes or favors; you could even offer them for sale after the luncheon.

This spring gardening lunch tablesetting is very easy to put together. Adapt these ideas to your purposes and have a wonderfully “green” luncheon!



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