Party Plan: National Kite Month Party

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April is National Kite Month Party, and it is the perfect time to celebrate the joy of winter’s departure, the arrival of spring, and the wide, open skies and winds calling for us to run with kites soaring high. This month of celebrating kite-flying is organized by the American Kitefliers Association. Their volunteers promote this sport through the month and all year round.

This kind of outdoor activity provides a wonderful opportunity for children and families to play together for some good clean fun.¬† A kite-flying party would be a fun way to celebrate a child’s birthday or to provide some outdoor time for children who’ve been cooped up for the winter. A kite event could also be sponsored by a school parent-teacher organization, a neighborhood community association or the family ministry of a church to encourage fun and fellowship!

First, check the long-range weather forecast when scheduling your party to find when it’s expected to be clear and windy. Because this is an outdoor event, you will want to have a rain-date planned in case of bad weather. Tell your guests that you will advertise where last-minute postponement or cancellation notices will be posted–you may want to use your group’s website or Facebook page.

If you are holding your party or event on a public field at a school, park or beach, check with the school principal or your local government to obtain permission to meet there.

A kite-playing party could be a small-group occasion for a child’s birthday or for a group of outdoorsy friends. You could provide the materials for guests to make their own kites before heading out to fly them, or ask guests to bring their own from home. You could also buy kites for your guests to assemble before going outdoors and to take home as party favors. Kites can usually be found at discount stores, craft stores, toy stores and drug stores. Having several competent adults to assist helping younger guests with their kites is a good idea.

You might want to sponsor a kite-flying event for a large group¬†where anyone of any skill level can show up and fly any type of kite. Make sure you line up enough volunteers to help because you can’t do this kind of event alone. Publicize it widely to your group members or community–on your website, Facebook, local events calendars and posters. You don’t need to have a registration unless you want to keep track of who attended. Be sure to have signs that make it clear where participants are supposed to go.

You might have one field for everyone or multiple fields designated for different types of kites. You can ask guests to bring their own kites from home, or have stations where participants can make their own. You might get everyone to make and fly kites of the same color and design so photos can be taken for your organization’s use. Many matching kites flying in the air would make a marvelous photo opportunity.

You may want to have competitions for kitefliers of different ages or skill levels. Don’t forget to have certificates or other prizes for the participants or winners. Encourage families to bring their own blankets or chairs to sit on so they can watch the flying contests. You may want to borrow a portable loud-speaker system or bull-horn so an emcee can be heard easily all over the field.

Since this kind of party or event is not generally held near a kitchen facility, you will have to bring all your food, drink and ice with you. You may want to ask several friends to help you set up. Several cars or vans can be used to make an extended “tailgate” for the refreshments. You’ll need coolers of ice, tubs of bottled water or other drinks, easy-to-pick-up snacks, individual wet-wipes, and trash and recycling bags for clean-up. If this is a large-group event, you will want to get the organization to budget funds to cover the cost of snacks and drinks or ask members to bring snacks and drinks to share. You might also be able to get a local food truck vendor to come to the event so participants can buy snacks of their own.

Get outdoors and run for fun with a kite flying behind you! The uplifting sense of freedom will really make you feel like you are celebrating spring! Enjoy!

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