Party Pointer: Party Venues

Hosting a party in your home is the height of hospitality. But there are times when hosting your party at home will not work, and you need to find another place to have your friends. Perhaps you have not got enough room for all the guests you hope will attend, you have renovations or other things going on in your home that would make entertaining difficult, you would like a venue that is more appropriate to your party theme or where your guests can participate in activities like swimming or other outdoor sports unavailable at your home.

Check with your local chamber of commerce or recreation and parks department for available public and private facilities in your area. Here are typical party venues you might want to consider:

• Home/backyard
• Restaurant
• Community or apartment complex clubhouse
• Library or fire department meeting room
• Church fellowship hall
• Club meeting room
• Office meeting room
• Hotel banquet room
• Private banquet hall
• Country club
• Campgrounds
• Winery
• Paddleboat or catamaran
• Public park
• State or national park
• Top level of parking deck
• Senior center
• University or college facilities
• Country estate
• Private mansion
• Sport Stadium boosters’ box
• Farm with barn for events
• Houseboat
• Yacht
• Beach
• Marina
• Museum
• Historical society facilities
• Zoo
• Art gallery
• Bed and breakfast inns
• Elks’ lodge or VRW facilities
• Farmers’ Market or Pick your-own Fruit Farmers with a pavilion
• Limousine or party bus

When you are considering sites, here are some questions to ask:
• What are the dates and times the venue is available?
• What are the rental fee? Find out what the fee includes and what additional ones are charged (parking, bare-tending, food servers, custodian, security)
• What is the required deposit and when must it be paid?
• What equipment at the venue is available for your use (tables, chairs, sound system, ice, coffee pots, etc.)
• What are the restrictions (smoking, serving alcohol, loud music, bringing in a caterer or your own food and drink)
• Are there parking facilities?

Finding a perfect venue can be the first step in planning a memorable party that all your guests will be talking about for months.



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