DIY Project: Brown Sugar Hand and Foot Scrub


If you watch television, you can tell by the commercials that smooth, soft skin is in. Could you even begin to count how many products are available to soothe your skin?

If you want touchable skin, you could spend twenty minutes reading over the descriptions of hand and foot care products at your local cosmetics counter… or you could make your own cheaper version. Whether your feet are in need of some tender loving care or your hands would love some attention, try this simple homemade brown sugar hand and foot scrub!

Not only would this be a treat for you, but it would make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for the women in your life! My father used to give my mother bath oil for all gift-giving occasions, and I thought he was just not very imaginative about what to give her. When I was a teenager, I finally found out that the bath oil was what my mom really wanted, because her skin was dry. She counted on my dad to replenish her supply. Now, as my skin is much drier than it was when I was a teen, I realize how wonderful it is to have personal products that help you maintain smooth hands and feet. That’s what I love about this scrub!

The three ingredients in this scrub are easy to come by and inexpensive. Sugar naturally inhibits bacterial growth, and its rough texture acts as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Olive oil moisturizes, cleanses and nourishes your skin. Vanilla essential oil has the most wonderful scent, taking your senses back to your grandmother baking and thoughts of your favorite treats.

Putting this scrub together and making multiple jars of it is not difficult at all. You can make it in no time for yourself or for your loved ones. This is also easy enough for young girls to make and use at a slumber party or girls’ gathering. Make this scrub, and go for the smooth!

Brown Sugar Hand and Foot Scrub


1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

6 drops of vanilla essential oil

1 wide-mouth half-pint Mason jar


Combine the brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla essential oil in a mixing bowl, and stir well.

Transfer the mixture to a wide-mouth half-pint Mason jar and put on the lid.

Use this scrub mixture when washing your hands or pampering your feet for smooth soft skin. Rinse it off completely with warm water after massaging it over your skin.

Add a ribbon for a bow  on your jar if you are giving the scrub as a gift.




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