Party Plan: Fairy Garden Party

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If you have a special little girl or big-girl friend who loves fairies, then you might want to delight her with a fairy garden party. If your guest of honor has always loved those beautiful flying mythical spirits of legend, honoring them with fairy gardens might be the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or springtime.

If you are not familiar with fairy gardens, they are miniature gardens with living plants and tiny structures that replicate actual-size elements like houses, swings, bridges, arches and more. They are designed to lure fairies, who bring good luck with them to your home. They are also wonderful “green places for small spaces” so that guests with smaller homes or patios could find a place to put one.

Historically, fairy gardens were perceived as good luck charms. According to legends, fairies, while typically harmless, benevolent creatures, could have mischievous and mean sides. In ancient times, new parents believed that their newborn babies might be stolen and replaced with baby fairies, known as “changelings.” Changeling babies frequently had odd traits like physical defects or development delays. Thus, keeping a fairy garden was thought to please the fairies and lessen the chance of your newborn being changed or replaced.
Because fairies are considered to be nature spirits, keeping fairy gardens was also thought to be a natural way to keep a balanced environment–an equilibrium of the human and spirit world.

A fairy garden party could be planned for little girls who could come dressed as fairies and could play fairy games as well as create simple fairy gardens to take home. You could also do this kind pf party for little boys who could make dragon or dinosaur gardens. For adults, this could be a gardening party, perhaps for a garden club, where the guests create more elaborate miniature gardens for their yards or homes. Setting up a work table outdoors would probably be best because of the mess this constructing will create. You may want to provide gardening aprons, gloves and tools, or ask your guests to bring their own. Set up a beverage and food table away from the garden construction that your guests can go to when they are ready.
There are no rules about how to create a fairy garden. You will need some sort of natural container or platform upon which to build–a terra-cotta saucer or pot, a hollowed tree log, a wooden platform. Make sure your container has holes for drainage. Then you will need natural elements and plants to create the landscape–soil, mosses, rocks, grasses, twigs, tiny flowers and bushes. Then you can create your own or purchase at a local craft or garden store, miniature items to complete the look. You may ask your guests to bring items with them or as the hostess, you can provide a variety from which they could select as they create their own gardens.

According to legend, fairies like their houses hidden, so tuck them into the greenery and flowers. Create multiple levels for climbing, pathways of little stones, forests of little trees, gardens of little flowers, a tiny pond, or a little patio. In the craft stores, you can also find all kinds of tiny items for many different themes for your fairy or miniature gardens. You can build a beach garden or a garden treat with benches and swings. Your imagination is the only limit!

Hosting a fairy garden party for young fairy-lovers or older gardening enthusiasts can be a whimsically wonderful opportunity to create in nature a fanciful oasis of greenery, flowers and magic! Enjoy!

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