Tablescape: Gardening Luncheon Tablesetting

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When the weather turns warm and you and your friends are anxious to start turning the dirt in your gardens and setting in your seeds or plants, you know spring has really arrived. This is the perfect time to invite your neighbors or garden club friends to come over for a morning in your gardens and a casual meal afterwards to rest and relax.  Check out this gardening luncheon tablesetting for ideas you might use when you have your guests over.

I set this table outdoors on the deck of our river cottage overlooking the water for a relaxing luncheon after our work. Working in the yard is a springtime necessity after a winter away from the cottage. As the morning was warm and sunny, raking, pruning, mulching, feeding and watering were the garden activities to pursue to prepare for summer. After a lot of bending and stretching in the course of the spring clean-up, taking time together for lunch really hits the spot.

Leaving the glass-top table bare was my choice this time; I decided to use my flat twig chargers as a base for each place setting, to tie into nature as we were working outdoors. Over those chargers, I layered a bright green hemp open-weave placemat, to be reminiscent of the green lawn. Then I used my white 10 Strawberry Street dinner plates on top of the placemats and chargers and on top of the plates, I put folded green cotton napkins. On top of the napkins, I placed four pairs of green and orange striped gardening gloves which I bought at the dollar store to use as favors and put the place setting’s flatware in them. This looked cute, but also helps keep the napkins from blowing off the plates. I finished the table with clear-glass Mason Jars used as water glasses.

My centerpiece continued the gardening theme with a few new gardening tools with green handles from the dollar store. Then in four green enamel tin buckets, also from the dollar store, I “potted” silk daisies (or real blossoms if you have them) with crumbled chocolate chip cookies and sweet-and-sour gummy worm candies. You can also use crumbled Oreo cookies to look more like potting soil. My plan was to serve ice cream for dessert and suggest that each guest might like to sprinkle some of her crumbled cookies on top before I added some chocolate syrup. Each guest was encouraged to take home the garden gloves, a gardening tool and a “potted” bucket.

So when you are planning a day in the garden, invite some of your friends over to share it and lunch with you. You’ll all have fun and soak up the beauties of nature! Enjoy!

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