Party Plan: Keep on Learning Graduation Party Activities

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Graduation from high school or college does not mean you are finished forever with learning or taking classes. But perhaps the learning you can do beyond school will be more fun or practical–and you can skip the homework!!

A great idea for celebrating your graduation with your friends is to schedule a class/demonstration where you all can learn something interesting together. Think about the interests and goals of your friends as they move out on their own for college or “adult” life. Check online or with local experts to locate stimulating teachers you can hire to make your party amazing. Then decide on a themed program and set up your party!

Here are examples of some Keep on Learning graduation party activities you might consider for your interactive party–the sky is the limit when it comes to the classes you might offer:

  • How to take better photos with your cell phone
  • How to take better videos with your cell phone
  • How to use specialty apps with your cell phone
  • How to handle basic cooking skills for living on your own
  • How to cook for one or two
  • How to become a wine enthuasist
  • How to do basic home maintenance
  • How to set up an exercise regime for yourself
  • How to stretch and relax with basic yoga exercises
  • How to dance (hip-hop, belly dancing, hula dancing, basic ballroom dancing, line dancing)
  • How to do basic car maintenance
  • How to do basic bicycle maintenance
  • How to make jewelry
  • How to decorate your apartment on a budget
  • How to decorate your own t-shirts
  • How to set up your own computer and printer
  • How to improve your resume
  • How to entertain at home–dinner parties, brunches, cocktail parties
  • How to do fancy presentation techniques–cutting fruit, creating platters,
  • How to do basic cake and cupcake decorating
  • How to care for your skin and apply makeup
  • How to use proper etiquette in work and social situations

Offer a class you and your guests will come away talking about and trying out the skills you all learned. You have graduated into “the real world.” Enjoy!

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