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If you want to know something specific about parties, Catch My Party website is just the place for you! This resource is filled with thousands of theme parties shared by real party-givers from all over the world. What a wealth of inspiration!

You will find girl themes, boy themes, adult themes, holiday themes. You will find bridal showers, baby showers, and more. There are over 100 top inspirations and themes from which to consider. You will find all the expected children’s licensed movie or TV themes, as well as so many others like spa, 1920’s, Paris, woodland, camping, surf and owls.

Catch My Party also has party crafts and free party printables. Some of my favorite printables are her July 4th and baby shower ones. She also has party supplies for sale from which to browse and choose. You can find everything from cake and cupcake supplies, hats, wreaths, backdrops, craft supplies, decorations, garlands, gifts, costumes and so much more.

Website owner Jillian Leslie has over 200 DIY projects of all sorts and for all ages and occasions–food treats, party favors, centerpieces, party decorations, costumes and more. I especially love her tulle table skirt–great for bridal showers or little-girl parties– and balloon wreath and topiary to add color to any party.

She has over two hundred recipes for main courses, salads, sides, snacks, drinks, cakes, desserts. drinks and breakfast foods. Some of these foods are perfect for different theme parties and some are just delicious to serve your family. I can recommend the easy cold sesame noodles, the watermelon ice cubes, the football whoopee pies and the Mardi Gras Jello, as just some of the recipes I’ve tried and enjoyed.

Jillian also posts regularly to her blog to highlight and share party ideas of all types, so don’t miss this!

If you are thirteen years of age or older, you can sign up for a free party page when you can upload pictures, tell about your party, receive comments and post back. You can share your ideas with others who loves to give parties.

This is an outstanding resource to consult! Go to Catch My Party! Enjoy!

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