Party Plan: Fathers Day Fit for a King Party

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With all this talk of royalty in the last few months with the royal wedding in late May, I began thinking about using a royal theme for an upcoming Father’s Day party. My father is so special to all of us in our family that I thought he might deserve a Fathers Day Fit for a King party.

My dad is very modest and understated and wouldn’t think that he needs a big celebration–which is why this theme is perfect for him. He deserves the attention from us! In the morning, let Dad make some royal proclamations about how his day will be like. Try to accommodate his wishes–do some of his chores or let him watch his favorite shows or even nap!

During the day, you might have entertainments to please the king. You might have family members perform for their king–perform a personally written poem, sing a song, do card tricks or do something else silly to amuse your father. You might show something like Dad’s favorite movie or one about a king. If your father enjoys getting out to play golf or some other sport, arrange for him to do so.

Then plan a special royal banquet for him for dinner. A special meal with all his loved ones in attendance is a great way to celebrate!

Here is how I set up my Fit for a King banquet. My family frequently celebrate Father’s Day at the family river cottage since summer is finally underway. At the river, we have two long tables that we can push together for everyone in the family. I covered these tables with crisp white cotton tablecloths as the formal groundwork for the tablescape. Then I used rust and brown striped scrapbook paper as my placemats for each place-setting.

I set the table with my plain white 10 Strawberry Street dinner plates, colonial pewter flatware and clear glass pedestal glasses for tea (we’re a tea-drinking family in the summer). On top of the dinner plates, I placed rust and brown houndstooth-patterned cotton napkins which picked up on the colors in the paper mats.

To bring in the kingly theme, I found a free Father’s Day printable on the Internet that had an elegant-looking crown that said “Fit for a King” and was done in black and shades of brown. When I started planning and found this printable,  I thought its color scheme was interesting and different from those I generally chose. The printable made stand-up boxtop-like decorations that I used on top of each napkin

To complete the sovereign’s table, I used a gold metal crown I have and sat it on top of a clear glass bowl turned upside down–it was too low to the tabletop without something to sit upon. Then I added white taper candles in clear glass candleholders and clear glass hurricanes just to give more presence to the overall look of the table.

Once you have set a regal table for your father, you can add other party elements to your meal. You can have a royal playlist of fanfares and majestic-sounding music to fill the background. You might have a crown, cape and/or scepter for your special leader to wear to the table. You might add a toast to the regent–serve champagne or sparkling grape juice and have a family member share a special spoken toast of memorable proportions to your father. You could also have one person begin the toast and have all the other family members add his or her own part as you go around the table.

Of course, a party fit for a king would feature his favorite foods and desserts. Then after the meal, you might have special entertainments to please the king.   Make this Father’s Day fit for the king in your family! Enjoy!



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