DIY Project: Red White Blue Straw Sculpture

I have been trying to find an easy patriotic craft project to share with you as July 4 is almost upon us. I had planned to scour my computer picture files for the right thing–I have saved tons of photos of patriotic decorations as inspiration and hoped what I wanted would be in those files. But before I had time to start my computer search, the perfect craft project serendipitously presented itself to me.

I was at my dear friend Deborah’s house Sunday afternoon to make a tablescaping presentation to her garden club–I had set up several decorated tables on her patio where we would meet before we walked around her garden. Before I got out two sentences, the skies opened up and we had hard rain, thunder and lightning. We also scrambled inside her house, trying to grab all the tablescaping items we could. I was absolutely drenched to the skin by the time I got in the house with as many things as I could bring in. Needless to say, you always need to be prepared to change your plans when you do events outdoors.  After drying off, we were able to continue the presentation in Deborah’s living room, and that’s where I saw just the perfect craft hanging in her window!

I loved the simplicity and contemporary look of Deborah’s red, white blue straw sculpture! It clearly was something that even an elementary-age child could make; it only requires a large-eye needle, thin fishing line and several boxes of red, white and blue plastic straws. All you have to do is thread a large-eye needle with the fishing line and thread alternating red, white and blue straws on the line. When you have used up all your straws, you can tie off the loose end of the fishing line with a loop for hanging. That’s all there is to it.

This straw sculpture can hanging in a window, function as a front-door decoration or hang on a deck from a hook or post. It makes a festive-looking decoration to carry out the theme of your July 4 celebration with its patriotic colors. But, of course, this sculpture could just as easily be made with other colors of straws to match your home décor or another party theme. A nice feature is that it’s waterproof so you can leave it outside.

Deborah bought four packages of 50 red, white and blue gooseneck straws at Food Lion, so her straw sculpture contains about 200 straws. However, you can make yours longer or shorter. You can also cut all your straws in half and make a longer strand with the shorter pieces. With this construction, you could make a hanging garland with the straws. You could also attach some lightweight wind chimes at the end of the straw strands for hanging on your porch or deck or in your garden.

My sincere thanks to Deborah for sharing her creative red, white and blue straw sculpture with me so I could share it with you! This is an simple project that will add a patriotic flair to your July 4 celebration! Enjoy!




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