Tablescape: Western Look Flag Day Table

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I am always on the look out for different ways to set my patriotic holiday tables because I don’t want them all to look the same. Even though they use the same colors–red, white and blue–I want them to stand on their own from year to year.

Obviously, Flag Day has to have flags as part of the d├ęcor, but it still needs to be special from year to year. This year’s table came to me in a serendipitous way, when my friend Deborah, gave me three gift bags. These gift bags have a red bandana print that reminded me of the Western bandanas that cowboys are seen to wear. That inspired me to use my real navy cotton bandanas as napkins–I could have used red bandanas, but I like the contrast of the navy ones.

Then I looked at my placemat collection and realized that the navy, red and white plaid placemats I have would be perfect to use. The plaid placemats reminded me of the plaid shirts seen on so many working cowboys. These three things are fairly subtle, but they change out the basic patriotic look to have a slightly different look. So now I have a Western look Flag Day table!

I set the table with my 10 Strawberry Street white dinner plates and clear water glasses that have a band of stars around the tops.Then I placed two medium-sized flags in a drinking glass inside of each gift bag. You could add red or navy colored tissue paper to liven up the gift bags if you want, but I preferred them without so that the flags were predominant. For a little added flair, I used flag-design serpentine streamers between the gift bags.

Finally on each dinner plate, I placed a navy bandana napkin which has been folded in eighths. On top of each napkin, I placed a card with an infographic I found on the Internet with interesting Flag Day facts I printed the card on white cardstock on my home printer. It is long like the napkin. This gave my guests something to talk about with each other as they wait for the meal to begin.

Adapt any of these ideas you like for one of your patriotic tables this summer. If you want to learn more about flag etiquette, check out this post.


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