Party Pointers: Easy Baby Shower Decorating Tips

Your baby shower decorations should be tied to your party and color theme. You can purchase pre-made party decorations at any local party supply department or store near you or from online vendors. Most dollar stores have a variety of choices. But you may be able to use family baby items you may have for party decorations, and if you don’t have any yourself, see about borrowing some from your family or friends. You might have some baby clothes and shoes, toys, bottles, rattles or doll babies that could be set up in a display. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on the decorations if you use your imagination and items you may already have.

You don’t need to decorate your entire home or every inch of the venue. If the venue is attractive in and of itself, you most likely will only need to plan decorations for the front door or entryway and the food table. You may wish to add small flower arrangements or thematic items on your coffee table, mantel, kitchen counter or your powder room. The attractively wrapped and bagged baby gifts make a decorative table all their own–all you need is a tablecloth to go under them.

Here are some easy baby shower decorating tips that may help you set the mood for your baby shower:

    • Cover the table with a washable baby blanket.
    • Make place mats from cloth diapers dyed pink or blue, or make them from large sheets of pastel construction paper.
    • Make paper placemats which can be decorated with pictures of babies from magazines or printed from the Internet or copies of baby photos of the mother-to-be and dad; then these mats can be laminated to protect them
    • Display guest nametags in a basket in your entryway. They can be made out of pink and blue felt triangles and folded into diapers. The guests’ names can be written on the miniature diapers with a permanent marker, and pinned to their clothes with safety pins.
    • Flower arrangements are always appropriate—you can use flowers from your garden or that of a friend, or you can purchase flowers or an arrangement from your favorite floral department or florist. Your party food can be used as a centerpiece for the food table. If you have a fancy decorated cake or cupcakes, put it (them) on a cakestand or cupcake stand for height. Wonderful colorful fruit or ice cream punch in a beautiful punch bowl can take center stage as can a carved watermelon fruit bowl.
    • A very easy centerpiece(s) can be created with helium balloons in your color scheme rising up out of a cute baby gift bag(s). Color-coordinated tissue paper can also be coming out of the top of the bag for color and drama.
    • If you can find a Super Baby, superhero or thematic outfit in the infant/toddler department of a department store, put a baby doll or large teddy bear in the outfit and set it in an infant seat (or other piece of baby equipment) in the center of the table or room.
    • Hang cute colored diaper pins using ribbon on a tree branch anchored in an attractive container on the food table. You can also hang small rattles, pacifiers, toys and blocks on the branches. A baby blanket can also be used as a tree skirt.
    • Place baskets full of baby items in the center of the table to use as a centerpiece. Or you can make a centerpiece from a collection of baby toys, such as a stack of children’s building blocks. You can stand up favorite children’s books.
    • Borrow some dolls and doll furniture, and set up a little display for a centerpiece. A dollhouse would also be great to use.
    • A small real or toy cradle, stroller, baby carriage or child’s chair would make a memorable centerpiece. Stuffed animals of all sizes are easy to borrow to make a display. Tie ribbons to match your color scheme around the animals ‘ necks to make them look like a family for the new baby. Hang a clothesline across your mantel or window or other appropriate spot. As part of the decorations, hang color-coordinated baby bibs, baby socks or booties, baby sleepers, “onesies”, or other baby outfits. These can be vintage clothes, or they may be new ones which will be given to the new mother. To hang the clothesline across the food table, tie the line on tabletop wreath stands with baby toys displayed at the foot of the stands.
    • Display baby photos of the new mother and father-to-be on easels or in frames as part of your decorating.

These are just a few tips that may help you get your baby shower decorating underway quickly and inexpensively. Enjoy!

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