Party Pointer: If You Have to Reschedule Your Party

You are ready for your party guests to arrive in a couple of hours–you’ve cleaned the house, decorated, bought and fixed the food. And then, something unexpected happens– your child comes down with a contagious bug, your community is hit by a severe storm warning, or your power goes out. Obviously, you are going to have to change your plans. Here are some things to do if you have to reschedule your party:

Check your calendar to see if you might be able to have your party on a different day. You may want to check with some of your guests by text, email or phone to determine if they are available on the new date you’re considering. If it looks like enough of your guests can come on the new date, contact everyone with the new date and time. If you yourself are not able to notify your guests, ask a family member or good friend to contact them about the change in plans.

If your new party date is not too far distant from your original date, leave the party decorations in place. There’s no need to take them down and put them back up. Why not enjoy them?

If you have gotten out a lot of party serveware like platters, baskets, bowls, serving pieces and large-cup coffee makers, leave them on the dining room or bar, and cover with a sheet or tablecloth to protect them from dust.

If you had already purchased floral arrangements for your party, try to preserve them until the rescheduled day. Keep them watered, and use floral preservative in them if you haven’t already.  Put the arrangements in a cold room, basement, or even refrigerator. Check with the florist where you bought them to see if the refrigerator is a good place to put the flowers. This may extend the life of your arrangements until the party. You may also be able to remove the flowers in the arrangements, cut their stems shorter with a sharp knife and rearrange them. You might also be able to add just a few blossoms to the old to perk up the new arrangements.

Many party foods can be frozen to use later if you have wrapped them in an air-tight container or freezer bag. Cookies, brownies, unfrosted cake layers, tube or pound cakes and some candies will hold in the freezer nicely.

The decision about how to handle pre-cut produce will depend on how many days it will need to be held until your new party date. Keep your trays well-covered and refrigerated if it will only be a day or two. If you have items that may turn bad, such as berries, remove them from your trays and keep them in a separate container. Then, on the day of your party, you can decide whether they are still fresh enough to serve.

If, on the other hand, your party has been postponed long enough that you know your produce won’t keep, consider this prep work as a way to make your meals leading up to the party easier. They can be used in stir-fries; salads; added to breakfast cereal or to top pancakes; added to lunch boxes; or served as after school or work snacks. .

If your rescheduled party is going to take place just days after the original party, you may not need to do another full clean-up. You might just need a few quick touch-ups with the vacuum cleaner, dust cloth and wet wipes concentrated in the rooms the party will take place in.

If the party has been rescheduled a week or more later, you may still get away with a light touch up if it’s not too far into the future. Pay attention to your family’s habits and keep their clutter from building up. Use a duster to go over surfaces (without moving around too many items). You may have to mop the kitchen or other floor if your pets and children have created tracks in your home through normal traffic.

When you do get to have your party at long last, all your efforts for the first date should make the second date go more smoothly! Enjoy!


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