Tablescape: July 4 Dinner Party Table

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If you love red, white and blue as much as I do, then you are probably planning a July 4 dinner party table for your family or friends to celebrate the birth of our nation tonight. I like to vary my patriotic tables with different shades of the traditional colors just for fun. Sometimes, I go with red, white and royal blue. Other times it’s red, white and navy blue. Something the white is cream; the red, a burgundy. Sometimes I will go with the sparkly look of Mylar stars and garlands. Other times, I like to go with an old-fashioned vintage patriotic look.

So when I found these denim with brick red-checked star placements at one thrift store last summer and the brick red with gold star bordered plates at another, I knew I had to have them for my Americana collection. First of, they both had stars on them which is one of my favorite motifs. Then they had a slightly unusual color scheme so that is also what I was looking for. The colors and the star motif on both were great together. They would give my tableĀ  a different look from the other patriotic tablesettings I have done before.I decided to leave the table bare with no tablecloth for a more casual look. I put down the denim placemats on the table, and then laid out the red and gold star-bordered plates and pewter flatware. My drinking glasses are clear glass with a star border around the top of each. The blue cotton napkins have a striated texture and blend well with the denim. I bound each napkins with a brown wooden napkin ring that picks up on the color of the wooden table.
As a super simple centerpiece, I used a wired paper ribbon as a table runner down the center of the table. This wired ribbon has a vintage look with the white stripes having a tea-stain color. I unrolled the length of ribbon and then just crimped it in even waves (amber waves of grain come to mind) to lay out down the table. You also add votive candles down the length on alternating sides of the ribbon. You could even add a small flag to each glass.
So set yourself a festive July 4 dinner party table and have fun with your friends and family. Take in the fireworks in your community or on television. Either way, celebrate the birth of our country! Enjoy!

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