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Baby showers are about new beginnings, family and friends. After bridal showers and weddings, baby showers are major milestones in the life of new families-to-be. Thus, planning a baby shower event may seem like an overwhelming task.

But you can avoid any worries by checking out the perfect all-purpose reference manual–The Everything Baby Shower Book. The Everything book series covers hundreds of topics and are written and formatted to help their readers find all the essential information easily. Everything you could ever want to know is included like clever tricks and tips for a party that suits your budget, your personality and your schedule, with the minimum of expense and fuss.

The rules for hosting a successful event have changed drastically over recent years. Today, almost anyone close to the new mother can host the shower, and the guests can include men, children or even pets. So how do you go about throwing a great party that will please an assorted crowd?

The Everything Baby Shower Book is just the instruction manual to plan a fun and memorable shower. There are all sorts of party-giving secrets, helpful hints and planning tools, including load of handy checklists—whether it’s how to track the gifts or a shopping list for the grocery store. Most important, there are dozens of sample party ideas that are easy to prepare, including everything from theme invitation ideas to recipes for special foods.

You’ll find hundreds of planning ideas, including secrets for throwing a surprise party where Mom really will be surprised, money-saving tips, instructions on how to easily decorate any location, creating unique baby shower favors, and loads of games, activities and prize ideas that will make your party spectacular.

I have a copy of Jennifer Jenkins’ The Everything Baby Shower Book (2000)—she also wrote The Everything Wedding Shower Book. Over all my years of party-giving, I still find this almost twenty-year-old manual to be extremely helpful and comprehensive.

But you may want to buy the updated version–The Everything Baby Shower Book, 2nd Edition (2008) by Sabrina Hill and Joni Russell,  which is equally comprehensive and wonderful.The second edition includes all the basics as the first edition, but it also features dozens of fun party theme ideas:
• A piano bar sing-along for a Broadway Baby event
• A retro slumber party for the Girlfriends Go Wild Bash
• Henna tattooing at the Belly Bump Revelry
• Fortune-telling with tea leaves at the Tranquil Tea Gathering
• A cooking competition at the Red Wagon Food Challenge Shower
• Tailgating and grilling fun at a shower for dads
• Jack and Jill shower themes for couples

You can’t go wrong with your baby shower planning if you consult either of these Everything books!

Both of these books are available online.

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