Party Plan: Wedding Work Parties

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Preparing for your wedding day can be a lot of work unless you turn each work session into a party. Invite your wedding party and closest friends to enjoy refreshments and drinks while they help get important tasks done. Make this a pleasure rather than a duty for your guests! Talking together at wedding work parties is a great way to keep up with your friends and for them to see how your wedding plans are coming.

These wedding tasks could be anything from collecting addresses and preparing the wedding invitations to send  or keeping track of the wedding gifts and who they are from. Some friends may have particularly fine handwriting and find addressing the invitations an easy task. Others may love using a computer spreadsheet to help you keep an inventory of who has sent a gift and to whom you need to write a thank-you note.

You might have your friends assist with cake tasting or hors d’oeuvre sampling–with your attendants, taste the best menus of several bakers and caterers. Most will make mini-sample portions for a fee. Make sure you have score sheets for your friends to complete so you can take them home to make the final decisions afterwards.

Ask your bridal party to help you choose your reception spirits by having a wine or champagne tasting. This might be a good time to have both bridesmaids and groomsmen together to meet for the first time or to relax together before the big wedding weekend to come.

Work parties to make wedding items can be great fun. When my college roommate got married, enough of the bridesmaids knew how to sew, so we had an all-day sewing marathon and made our simple halter dresses together. We brought portable sewing machines to the large basement of Harriett’s parents’ home. Some of us cut out the fabric, while others of us sewed. We helped each other as we tried on the dresses and needed to pin up the hems. It was a fun day and productive, too!

Making favors for guests can be lots of fun. The bride usually hosts this kind of party at her home or that of her parents. She supplies the materials for making the different projects and has work stations set up for her workers when they arrive. I remember getting together with my neighbors to make fabric roses that were filled with birdseed for a wedding–these roses were put in a large basket, and guests each took a rose when the bridal couple prepared to leave the reception so they could fling birdseed at them. 

If you have friends skilled at cake or cookie decorating, you may want to have them over to decorate specialty items for the reception that can be frozen until needed.   Lots of finger-licking fun to be had by all!

Another way your friends could help is by going with you to clubs and reception sites to “audition” bands or deejays live. They will have fun going out and you will feel more comfortable with the musicians you select–for more fun at the reception!

The more fun you can have during the planning and preparation for your wedding, the more relaxed you will feel with the big event actually arrive! Enjoy!



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