DIY Project: Nautical Life Ring Napkin Rings

I love the nautical look–you would think I come from a long line of watermen! But alas, I am from a land-loving family. So maybe, that’s why I love nautical things–because I don’t live near the coast or beach. A nautical theme for summer tablesettings is always one of my favorites.
This love is evidenced by these nautical placemats I found at Williamsburg Pottery–I just couldn’t resist them! Maybe it’s the red, white and blue colors that show up in so many nautical items! In my party stash of nautical items, I have three full-size life rings that make great hanging party decorations or are great on the buffet table with the punch bowl or drink dispenser sitting in it. In a previous post, I showed how to make your own decorative life ring for a party using a Styrofoam ring and wide grosgrain ribbon. Having those items got me to thinking about making my own nautical  life ring napkin rings. I had a few round white wooden curtain rings left from another project and realized that these might be just right for making napkin rings. If you don’t have any, you can usually find these in the drapery department of a home improvement or hardware store. I unscrewed the little screws in the wooden rings, and then I used a red permanent marker to draw four bands around each ring.  You could use ribbon (but then you need glue) or red electrician’s tape.If the paint on your wooden curtain ring is slick, beware of how the permanent marker may smear, You may want to have a wet rag with you while you are marking the ring so you can wipe the red smears off the white part of the ring. I didn’t measure where to place my red bands– I just eyeballed making them equidistant from each other. These don’t have to be perfect–they are, after all, just napkin rings which are removed and set on the table as soon as your guests sit down. They just need to look good when your guests arrive.
This craft can be completed in about twenty minutes. I colored in my rings while watching television. It wouldn’t take as long if you were only making four–I was doing a dozen because I have a large extended family who visits together in the summer where I might be going with a nautical theme. You might even be able to ask a careful child or teen to make these for you. You will enjoy using your nautical life ring napkin rings!


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