Tablescape: Football Party Tailgate

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If you have a young sports enthusiast in your family, you may want to celebrate this interest by hosting a football party tailgate. Take your guests to a local game and set up a special tailgate to get them in the mood to play wild and crazy fans! This kind of party is easy to give–just get your car washed, put a portable table and your party items and food in the car, and off you go. No need to clean the house, buy fancier foods or plan elaborate activities to keep the guests occupied.

You may need to enlist the help of another adult to help transport guests to the football stadium if you have filled your car with tailgate supplies. You might want to bring along some portable chairs or ask the guests to bring them. 

The decorative items you can use for a football tailgate are easily found at party vendors like Party City, discount stores like Target or Walmart or even dollar stores. You can purchase inexpensive banners, streamers, centerpieces, tablecloths, paper plates, cup and napkins, football-shaped bowls and platters, and party horns, megaphones, and necklaces. If you are not normally a tailgater at football games, you may have friends  who could lend you some of these items.Be sure to bring painter’s tape with you to secure items to your car–painter’s tape, available at most hardware stores, home improvement stores or departments of discount stores, should protect the paint on your car. Note in the picture above that I have used blue painter’s tape to attach a “touchdown” pennant to a water bottle so it will stand up. 

You can use the side or the end of your car as the focal spot for your tailgate. Once you see where your parking spot will be, you can decide which way to orient your tailgate party. Consider the safety of your guests as you set up your party so no one will accidentally run into traffic.You may want to bring a cornhole game along so your guests have something to do before or after they eat. Horseshoes or flying discs are good if you have a large enough space where throwing items is safeEnjoy youEnjoy your trip to a football game where your young guests will have a grand time! Happy tailgating!


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