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Are you already trying to figure out what will be the theme of your Halloween pumpkin this year? For many families, what they will carve on their porch pumpkins is a well-considered family decision. If you need help, check out the book Great Pumpkins: Crafty Carving for Halloween.

Teacher, sculptor, and craft book author, Peter Cole has written a wonderfully practical and easy-to-follow guide to all levels of pumpkin carving. The spiral-bound manual is easy to lay on the kitchen counter as you try simple carvings and later graduate to more complex ones following the step-by-step instructions and full-color photos. Stencil templates you can copy are included in the book for some of the more complicated designs.

The first chapter features many traditional Halloween motifs—witches, skeletons, evil eyes, goblins, and a  Pumpkinstein. Cole has an evil witch on a broomstick to frighten the neighbors to sweet little kittens and spooky cats. He has created an array of pumpkin vignettes, including the green-painted Pumpkinstein, a fun scary monster, and Cinderella’s Magic Coach, a lovely carriage flanked by two white gourd swans.

Another chapter features celebrity pumpkins—the Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman from The Wizard of Oz are cute, but the Pumpkin “King” (Elvis) design is unexpected and would really tickle your friends.

Some of the most special designs are in the chapter on masterpiece pumpkins. Following Cole’s directions, you can create your own Mona Lisa, Picasso, or Edward Munch’s “The Scream” on a pumpkin. You can even satisfy your love of Paris using the Eiffel Tower template or your surprise your sports fan with the football-player pumpkins in their painted pumpkin helmets.

Peter Cole’s Great Pumpkins manual can help you become a carving commander-in-chief. The number and variety of carving designs in this manual will allow you to delight your family and friends for many years.

This book is available online.


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