Tablescape: Great Pumpkin Party Buffet

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Are you a fan of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts gang–Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock and their friends? I have loved them since childhood–I drew large-scale Peanuts characters for a middle school dance decorations once and have been attached to this gang ever since!

You may have been a fan of the classic video, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which is an annual broadcast favorite seen by millions over the years. This became my theme for this Halloween party for all ages, and we showed the video for those who always loved it and those who had never seen it before.

So, when I found the three Peanuts board figures at Big Lots last year on Halloween clearance, I knew I had to have Linus, Charlie Brown and Woodstock as my own. I certainly wish I could have found Snoopy and Lucy, but  be sure I have my shopping eyes alert for them if I ever come across them. One of the best things about these figures is that they store flat, so they don’t take up much storage space.

I knew they would be perfect for a Great Pumpkin party buffet, and so they were!

If you like to draw, these characters are not difficult to draw yourself on poster board or foam core board. If you have or have access to large Peanuts stuffed animals, you could do the same type of tablescape.
I looked online and found a picture of Linus holding a sign that says, “Welcome Great Pumpkin.” I printed four copies of the picture and used painter’s tape to attach those to the white upper cabinets of the kitchen wall unit. They added some color and a thematic tie-in to the Peanuts figures on the buffet counter. I also added a garland of fall-colored silk leaves for seasonal color I used several different shapes and sizes of artificial pumpkins for the pumpkin patch. Real pumpkins would have been wonderful! I had a metal Pumpkin Pete’s pumpkin patch sign I had bought at Michael’s many years ago to sit in front of the pumpkins. But you certainly could have hand-lettered your own sign as Linus did in the picture.

On the white counter, I used a bright yellow cotton runner down the center for bright color under the orange and yellow plates, napkins and milk bottles with orange striped straws.You could have also made room for your food on this buffet counter, but I put my food on the kitchen island perpendicular to this kitchen cabinet unit.

The Peanuts gang makes a colorful and fun decorative theme for an intergenerational light-hearted party for the fall season. Enjoy!


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