Party Pointer: 2018 Christmas Decorating Trends

Once the leaves on the trees begin to change color, retailers begin to display all kinds of new holiday themes and color schemes to encourage us to jazz up our Christmas decorations and to buy more. I love to see what they come up with–sometimes I don’t care for their offerings, and sometimes I can hardly stop myself from going on a shopping spree.

Now that I have such a collection of different Christmas decorations, I don’t need to buy as much, but I always am on the lookout for special items to add to my collections. There might be the one perfect item out there that will top off my annual holiday house decorating and give me that satisfied feeling of having everything “just right” as Goldilocks would say.

Before you go out shopping this season, look over the style and color scheme of your home décor and the decorations you already have. You don’t want to waste your money on items that really won’t enhance the look you already have.

These are the 2018 Christmas decorating trends you are seeing in retail stores this holiday season. Most of them have been available for the last several Christmas seasons, so you may have a start of “the look.” Check to see if you have things at home that might go with them and think about what you want to add to the décor. Below I will share several pictures of each decorative theme.

Rustic/Woodland/ Rustic Cottage/Outdoorsy

Shimmer/Glittery/ Metallic/Silver/Gold/White/Elegant/Snowmen

Traditional/Red and Green/Plaid/Candy Canes/Elves/ Nutcrackers

Coastal/Beachy/Shells/Aqua/ Turquoise/Coral/ Natural Colors

For the rustic/woodland/outdoorsy look, you will find sisal animals, twig and bark decorations, burlap, greenery and berries, icy and snowy frosting of items, sleds, skis, and skates, Owls are very popular this season. Nordic elements like sweaters, skis and sleds are being shown.

For the shimmer/elegant look, you will find lots of metallic thread table linens, glittery chargers, silver, white and gold wired ribbon–beaded and metallic versions, white feathers and wings, angels, fairies, shiny fabrics, and icy snow elements.

For the traditional/plaid look, you will find red and burgundy plaids used on table linens, dishes, ribbons, and more. You will find Santas, elves, snowmen, nutcrackers, carolers and villagers. Candy canes and other Christmas candies and gingerbread houses look yummy. Poinsettias always look right.

For the coastal look, you will find summer colors of aqua, peach, turquoise, coral and natural used in table linens, ribbons, Christmas tree ornaments. Nautical fish netting is used as tree garland and shells are used on trees and as table décor.

No matter which Christmas decorating trend you pick up on in your home, your family is bound to love it and consider it a tradition after the first year! Enjoy!

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