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Candlelight is one of the most atmospheric elements of party decorating–the glow, warmth and aromatic scents evoke good feelings among your guests.  You can always place a pillar candle or trio of them on the coffee table, a  pair of tapers on the dining table, or some votive candles on a windowsill or mantel, but there are so many other imaginative ways to use candles.

Check out the books listed below for creative ways to use candles in your home and party-decorating all year-round. You will find wonderful color photographs illustrating new ways to decorate and directions on how to create them. You can learn the history of candle-making and how to make different types of candles–rolled and molded ones. You can learn all about the etiquette of using candles and to take care of your candles so they will function well for multiple purposes. Enjoy your browsing!

Booklist for Candle Decorating Ideas

Illuminations: Living by Candlelight by Wally Arnold and Sean Sullivan. 2001.

Smart Style: 101 Ways to Decorate with Candles by Dawn Bergan. 2006.

The Candlelit Home: Decorating with Candles Year-Round by John Terrell Fry. 2001.

Candlelit Christmas: Decorating with Candles for the Holiday Season by John Terrell Fry and Nancy Nolan. 2003.

Candle Details by Emily Chalmers with David Brittain, photographer. 2002.

Country Living Decorating with Candles: Accents for Every Room by the Editors of Country Living. 2005.

Illuminate by Amanda Hammond, Tiffany Manning, and Nigel Noyes. 2001.

Book of Candles by Miranda Innes. 1991.

Candle Creations: Making and Arranging Candles for Beautiful Effects by Simon Lycett. 1998.

Candles for the Home by Gloria Nicol. 2003.

Candles: Making and Displaying: Enchanting Ideas for Creating and Using Candlelight in the Home by Gloria Nicol. 2000.

Candles by Paula Pryke.1998.

Candles: Elements of a Perfect Table (Elements of the Table) by Sara Slavin. 1996.

Creative Candlescaping: 70 Bright Ideas for Home & Garden by Terry Taylor. 2003.

Decorating Candles by Terry Taylor. 2001.

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