Party Pointer: How to Remove Candle Wax

How to Remove Candle Wax

How to Get Candle Wax Off Hardwood or Tile Floors

• Collect a hair dryer, plastic credit card, paper towels, white vinegar, dry cloths, bowl and used dryer sheets.
• Soften the spilled candle wax with a hair dryer set on low or medium. Avoid using the high setting, as this may cause the wax to splatter.
• Place a plastic credit card directly into an edge of the wax drippings.
• Press the card firmly under the wax, lifting it away from the wood. Since the wax was warmed from the hair dryer, it should curl up easily when being removed.
• Wipe the softened wax with paper towels. Change to fresh paper towels whenever necessary, and continue to wipe up the candle wax until all that’s left is a waxy residue.
• Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a bowl. Dip a clean cloth in the vinegar mixture, and wipe the site of the wax stain on your hardwood floor. Follow by wiping the floor dry with another clean cloth.
• Buff remaining candle wax residue with an old dryer sheet. The dryer sheet removes wax residue and polishes the floor at the same time.

You might also harden the wax by laying a plastic zip-lock bag of ice on it, instead of softening it. Then use a plastic credit card to pry the hard wax up off the surface. Use the procedure above to clean up the floor afterward.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet or Fabrics

For Carpet
• Collect an ice cube in a zip-top bag, metal spoon or plastic credit card, an iron and ironing board, brown paper bags or parchment paper or paper towels, dinner knife, lighter or lit candle, and mild liquid soap or stain remover (optional)
• Let the wax cool completely. Wiping it up while it is still soft may remove most of it, but it will likely press it deeper into the carpet, and will leave a thin film that will be harder to remove.
• Rub the ice cube over the wax to harden it; then try to remove as much of the wax as possible with your hands. Be sure you are not rubbing the wax into the fabric; just brush the excess wax off. Scrape off the wax with the back of a metal spoon or the edge of a credit card.
• You can also use the warm iron method on the carpet, but do so carefully. Place a sheet or two of paper towels over the wax stain, and pass the warm iron over it one or two times. This should melt the wax and remove most of the wax stain.
• You can also improvise with a dinner knife and a lighter or lit candle. Heat the blade of the dinner knife over the lighter or candle. The flame may leave a mark on the knife, so you may want to use an old one.
• Place the paper towel on top of the spilled wax, and press the flat side of the blade against the paper towel.
• Repeat the above steps as many times as necessary to remove the wax. Let the fabric cool in between tries, to ensure you do not burn it.

For Fabrics
• Turn the iron on and place the heat setting to an appropriate choice for the fabric.
• Place a brown paper bag or several layers of paper towels onto the ironing board.
• Lay the portion of the fabric containing the wax on top of the paper bag or towels. Cover the wax with the same product—paper bag or paper towels—that was placed below the fabric.
• Press the iron down on to the top layer to melt the wax. Both paper layers will begin to absorb the melted wax.
• Repeat the process using fresh layers of paper towels or bags until the wax has completely melted and been absorbed.
• Remove staining that may remain due to dyes used in coloring the wax. Apply a little warm water and mild dish soap to the spot and rub gently and rinse. Or use a stain removal product that suits the fabric content, and follows its instructions.

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