Resource: Old Movies as Party Inspiration

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If you are planning what you hope with be a fantastic party and want to soak up as many ideas as possible, try using old movies as party inspiration. Watching a big-screen story set in the time period you’re considering with all the color, music and life you want to invest in your gala event can give you lots of ideas and approaches to try.

As a great lover of old movie musicals, I have many favorites–Singing in the Rain has always been one! With the Oscar Awards are almost upon us, you might view this film to see what a 1920’s glamourous movie premiere was like or what kind of costumes would be appropriate if you were throwing an Old-Hollywood Oscars party. You could locate your favorite clips of romantic songs and dances to show for wedding engagement or anniversary party.

If you are planning a circus party for one of your children, you might find it helpful to watch one of the classic circus movie musicals to get a feel for the color, music, and atmosphere. You could watch The Greatest Show on Earth by Cecil B. DeMille, Billy Rose’s Jumbo¬†with Doris Day and Jimmy Durante or Walt Disney’s Dumbo. You might get your child to watch these films with you so you can get a good idea about what appeals to your child the most. You will see loads of ideas for decorations, costumes and units you could create yourself for a circus parade with your children’s guests.

The Walt Disney film Pollyanna¬†gave me some great ideas to use when I was planning an school carnival at my sons’ elementary school. There is a scene in the film about Pollyanna slipping away from her home to attend a big town Fourth of July celebration. I loved the Americana look of this old-fashioned event–participants rode red-white-and-blue decorated bicycles, hanging Chinese lanterns waved across the town park, and the American flag-costumed children performing were so cute. I borrowed the spirit of these ideas for the school’s carnival because the look is very important.

These are just several examples of the ways you might find inspiration in old movies to use in your party-planning. Google films that suit your party theme and go from there. You may find new-to-you films to enjoy and many ideas to use in your party-giving! Enjoy!


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