Party Plan: Cooking the Cuisine Party

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If you and your friends are looking to do something¬† different than meeting at a restaurant for a meal, consider having a cooking the cuisine party at which everyone contributes to creating the meal. Even if your gang doesn’t consider itself into cooking, this might be the perfect way to get them thinking in a new direction.

This party is not about fancy decorating or dressing up. This is a party dedicated to cooking, eating and drinking together.

There are several ways to approach your meal preparation:

  1. Invite your guests to contribute several favorite recipes to you before the party so you can use some of them in planning a menu for the party. You or one of the guests will have to go the grocery shopping in advance.
  2. Plan a themed or ethnic menu–you can research this menu in cookbooks or online and gather the recipes to use. You or one of the guests will have to go the grocery shopping in advance.
  3. Purchase one of the home fresh- food delivery menu plans with the ingredients included with the recipes.

Have an appropriate playlist for the theme of your food which can accompany you all as you cook. Have wine or other drinks ready for sipping while guests are working. Eventually you may want to add wine-tastings to your dinners.

If you want to try more gourmet meal prep than you currently have the skills to handle, hire a personal chef to come and instruct you and your guests in advanced knife skills and other cooking preparation. Make the party instructional as well as tasty!

Have a guest or two set the table for the group. Once all the cooking has been finished, everyone can set down to enjoy the meal that they have prepared together. Relax together, eat, drink–perhaps you will all want to plan the next cook-a-thon and what you’d like to fix. If everyone had fun, you might want to organize a monthly or bi-monthly cooking club. Enjoy!

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