Party Plan: Games for a March Madness Party

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If you and your friends are big college basketball fans, you’re probably planning to watch some of the March Madness games together and perhaps host a party. Check out these games for a March Madness party to entertain your guests.

  • Free Throw Contest – Set up an open hoop outside, and see who can make the most free throws in ten tries. Award the winner a little basketball trophy with a funny name.
  • Reenact the Favorites – Watch iconic shots from past NCAA tournaments, and have guests try to reenact the wildest shots. See who can pull off that famous half-court heave or off-balance three-pointer to win the game.
  • Dribble Mania – Pick an athlete with a famous dribble sequence, and see who can best mimic that sequence. Record a video of each contestant and compare it to actual footage of the athlete.
  • Sports Cliches--Provide sticky notes and pens. Ask your guests to vote on the best sports cliché’s that come spouting out of the commentators mouths. Write them on a post-it and stick it on the wall for all to enjoy. You can even vote on your faves, like the team that “takes them to school to show them the rules.”
  • Basketball Trivia – Create a jeopardy-style trivia game to see who knows the most about March Madness. Research questions like which team has won the most championships or who has scored the most points in a single game.
  • All-Star Line-Up – Using all players in March Madness, create your own dream team lineup. Compare your team with others to debate who would win in an actual game.
  • Commercial Vote – During in-game commercials, vote on which commercial you think is funniest and predict which will receive the most votes. Winner gets a small prize!
  • Game Sheet Prediction ­- Before the important game of your choosing, have guests predicts stats such as score, three-pointers made, free throws attempted and more. Winner of the most closely accurate predictions gets a small prize.
  • Hoops Movie – Vote on your favorite basketball movie — Coach Carter, Hoosiers, He’s Got Game, Blue Chips, Finding Forrester, He Got Game
    Hoop Dreams, White Men Can’t Jump, Semi-Pro and Teen Wolf are a few good ones — and watch the winner during the after party.
  • Hands on Treats – Set up the necessary ingredients for a food competition — including an undecorated cupcake, icing and food coloring. Have guests compete to best replicate their favorite team’s logo.
  • Logo Pictionary – Make a list of all the teams that have competed in March Madness this year. On a blank whiteboard, try your best to draw a random team’s logo, and see who can guess which team it belongs to fastest!
  • Favorite  Commercials–Advertisers run many special ads geared toward college basketball fans. Pass out “score sheets” to your guests and have them vote on their favorite commercials. When the game is over, see if any of the spots stood out.
  • Play Three Sports–Stretch your guests’ skills by asking them to shoot baskets, accurately throw a football and kick a soccer goal. Watching the games is one thing– making the shot when it counts is another!

Enjoy March Madness–may your team do well!





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