Party Plan: Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

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Everyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the administrative assistants are generally the backbone of the business. They are the individuals who know what is going on and are getting it done. On April 24, show these special people in your office–celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with special attention!!

Administrative assistants’ top expectation for this annual day of recognition is some sort of sincere acknowledgement, sincere being the operative word. Make sure that you write specific and personal comments customized for the individual when you give a card or gift card. Make certain your efforts aren’t merely perfunctory–your administrative assistant will know if they are.

Do not get too busy to celebrate this day in some way–mark your calendar so the day doesn’t get away from you. If you want to take your assistant to lunch or somewhere special, just not on April 24, be sure to let him/her know in advance so it won’t look like an afterthought.

So what kind of recognition can you give your administrative assistant? There are traditional ways to show your appreciation, but maybe it’s time to up your game or to do something different.

  • Bright-colored fresh-cut flowers or potted plants are always enjoyed (but make sure your assistant isn’t allergic).
  • Edible flower arrangement or fruit  or gift basket
  • Candy –honoree’s favorite kind or some specialty sampler
  • Special cake, ice cream cake, cookie-cake personalized with your honoree’s name to share in the office..
  • Off-site lunch–let your honoree choose the restaurant or set up something special as a surprise
  • Gift cards to favorite restaurants, shopping locales, or spas.
  • Gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or massage
  • End-of-the-day time off for a week to beat the traffic on the way home or stop for a relaxing drink before heading home.
  • Paid day off is a highly popular recognition–everyone would appreciate this!
  • Tickets for the movies or a special play or concert the honoree would love to attend.
  • Paid registration and time off to attend a training event or conference of honoree’s choice
  • A  more comfortable or attractive workstation–take your honoree out to buy a new office chair or something to make the job easier or piece of wall décor of his/her choice

If you have a number of administrative assistants in your office, you might want to plan an event to recognize them all.

  • Catered lunch for everyone at the office
  • Potluck lunch provided by other office-workers to honor all the assistants
  • Lunch or dinner cruise/dinner for everyone
  • Hire a barbershop quartet or specialty performer to come to the office to entertain
  • Bring in a massage therapist and schedule 15-minute massages for the admin staff
  • Bring in an instructor in crafts, dance, art or cooking to teach a class for the honorees or entire office

No matter what you and your officemates decide to do as a form of acknowledgement for your administrative assistants, make certain it is sincere and personalized. That will assure that your special office helper will feel appreciated!


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