Tablescape: Easter Treat Box Tablescape

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Having friends over for dinner is always a true delight, and what season is more joyous for such an occasion than the Easter season. Add the refreshing light of spring days after the drear of winter, the bright colors of blooming trees and flowers, and the rebirth of the natural world to the caring and humor of your friends and you have the makings for a wonderful evening.

This Easter treat box tablescape is what I used when I had my friends over to celebrate the season. The colors of Easter are cheerful and appropriate for the occasion.

I started with a crisp white cotton tablecloth for my table to give it a bright formal look. Then I set each placesetting with a purple acrylic charger under my plain white 10 Strawberry Street dinnerware. I used my Chantilly Gorham silverware and Cristal D’Arques Versailles crystal water goblets and wine glasses. I rolled pink linen napkins to lay at the left side of each plate; the rolled napkins were held together with pieces of wired pearl garland. I take a straight length of the garland and simply wrap it around the rolled napkin.

All of these things can be adapted to what you have–use your own tablecloth, dishware, flatware, glassware, paper napkins and other appropriate napkin rings or ribbon.

The Easter cardboard treat boxes are shaped like spring cottages. I got these treat boxes from Current, Inc. I filled them with homemade Easter shaped cookies and plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. I believe grown-ups deserve treats, not just children. Since my guests fix treats for their children and grandchildren, I thought it was only right to fix treats for them!

These treat boxes were set on the sideboard when it was time to serve dinner. You could use any kind of Easter or spring treat boxes or baskets for your treats.

The centerpiece of the table was more noticeable after the house treat boxes were removed. I took three low clear glass vases and filled them hot pink azalea blossoms from my yard. I then sprinkled pastel-colored faux eggs at the base of the vases. These vases are low so your guests can see over them to the guests on the other side of the table. You could use any type of spring flowers you like best, and you could use real dyed eggs or candy eggs as you wish.Treat your friends to an entertaining dinner party with an Easter flair. Enjoy!


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