Party Plan: Mothers Day Party Themes

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If you are looking to do something special for your mother or someone who is a mother this Mother’s Day, check out these party themes. If you want to do something different than providing just a family meal with gifts, use your imagination to create a unique event to honor that special woman in your life.

Mothers Day Party Themes:

  • Walk a Mile in My Mom’s Shoes–Ask your family or guests to dress in clothes and shoes that represent one of the many roles your mother plays in her life–cook, cleaner, chauffeur, social secretary, counselor, and many others. Create silly contests like “who can scramble an egg like Mom?” or “who can name the most Mom-isms?” or “what’s Mom’s favorite (color, food, song, etc.)?” Prepare a quality slideshow presentation on your home computer of Mom in all her roles. Ask what Mom likes best about each of her roles.
  • She’s a Lady(bug)If you have young children, you might find a ladybug theme to be a cheery fun one to  put together for Mom. Ask your guests to dress in red and black–you could set up a craft session for them to make ladybug outfits or pins. Decorate cookies or cupcakes to look like ladybugs.
  • Hawaiian Holiday for Mom–Give Mom a tropical vacation in spirit. Decorate with bright-colored flowers, palms, coconuts, tiki lights for a luau look. have the party outdoors if possible.  Ask your guests to come in attire with floral prints. Set up a craft session making leis with artificial flowers for everyone to wear. Do the limbo. Fix tropical fruity drinks served with little paper umbrellas, Play Hawaiian music and dance on.
  • Color Mom’s World–Choose one or two of your mom’s favorite colors as the party theme, and do everything up with these colors. Request your guests to come in the specific color. Decorate your party space in the same colors. As for the food, include the special color in several of the dishes–vegetables, desserts, drinks.
  • Queen for the Day–You might want to do a general queen theme or a specified one based on a royal theme from the current royals or shows like “Game of Thrones. ”  Decorate with heraldic banners, lots of gold; make a crown and a throne for Mom. Get family members to provide entertainment for Mom, or choose a royal film to show.
  • Hats off to Mom–Ask your guests to wear hats and romantic dressy clothing to this afternoon tea party. Decorate with lace and flowers and pull out the good china. If the weather is good, consider having the party outside. Work in advance with some of your family members or guests to offer a fashion show of hats through the ages–you can rent hats from a costume shop or make your own with ideas from the Internet. Offer a craft-making session–have inexpensive hat forms and lots of ribbons, feathers, flowers and accessories for your guests to make their own fancy bonnets.
  • Party Like It’s Like It’s the (Decade of Mom’s Youth)The decade of your mom’s youth makes a great theme with which to celebrate. Get your guests to dress like people in the 50s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, and make a playlist with music from that time. Serve foods popular in that time. Decorate with posters or items from that decade. Play guessing games about things that were popular in that decade. Show clips of TV shows or movies from that time. Try dances from that decade.

Your mother will appreciate the time and interest you have put into her special day by planning a theme party to honor her. The whole family may find a theme a great way to get excited about Mom’s celebration, and she will certainly find it a memorable show of love!





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