Party Plan: Shower Agendas

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Having a new baby on the way is an exciting event in the lives of the new parents, their families and friends. Everyone wants to be part of the excitement, and a baby shower is a perfect opportunity to do so. So if you are planning a shower for a family member or friend, you will want to have a party plan so your event moves smoothly.

Obviously, you will contact the new mother about possible dates before you send out invitations. Find out if she would like the baby’s father to attend, because that might affect your guest list.

Once the invitations are sent and the responses collected, you’ll be ready to prepare your party space for the shower.  You might choose a specific color scheme and party theme to guide your choice of decorations as well as your menu.

When the decorating and food preparation are complete, you will need to be certain you have a shower agenda. Shower agendas are suggestions for a possible order of events for a shower. Use this as an outline for yours, mix up the order and duration of the events, or add or remove events according to your preferences and needs.

A shower typically lasts  about two hours.
· Guests arrive.
· Greet them at the door.
· Welcome everyone there.
· Recognize the guest of honor, and let her make any comments that she might like to make (warn her ahead of time).
· Make introductions, or have each guest introduce themselves and how they know the guest of honor, or have her introduce each guest,     and how she knows each one.
· Serve any snacks or appetizers and beverages you have.
· Play two to four shower games or do an activity. This helps the guests get to know         each other and gets everyone into a “party” mood.
· Serve any main dishes and/or desserts or shower cake.
· Gather everyone around to watch the guest of honor open her gifts.
· Chat, have fun, eat more, giggle and laugh as needed!
· Guests often chat awhile after gifts are opened, and then gradually they will begin to      leave.
· As guests begin to leave, pass out your shower favors.
· Thank guests for attending
· Help the guest of honor pack up her treasures to take home.



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