Tablescape: Large Group Spring Luncheon

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Check out the ideas you will find for this large group spring luncheon — many organizations have end-of-the-year banquets, so you may find yourself assigned to help setting up such a luncheon or dinner.

Bright colors are usually expected in spring decorating, but I wanted to try something a little bit different for my monthly church luncheon tables. I am frequently inspired by the napkins I find to use on the tables. I found these paper napkins on sale at Big Lots several years ago and hoarded them for future use, because I thought they were so cute. I couldn’t get quite as many as I needed so I bought red and lime-green solid napkins to alternate with the print ones,

The orange flower on the napkin would work well with my collection of artificial gerbera daisies I have–I have orange flowers as well as yellow, red and purple-pink ones. Obviously you can use real flowers instead of faux flowers. I put them in clear glass bud vases. If you don’t have enough bud vases, conider looking at your local thrift stores. Many churches have collections of them, so you might be able to borrow some.I also had black-and-white checked plastic table runners from a previous events that would look good with the napkins with a black and white border.I cut the black-and-white checked runners from a roll of black-and-white checked plastic roll of tablecoverng, available at most party stories. I just rolled out the tablecovering on a large table and cut the runners by following the straight lines of the checks. You could also buy rectangular checked plastic tablecloths and cut them into runners.

The three bud vases of flowers needed more to look complete. If you had more flowers and budvases, you could have placed 5 or 7 vases down the table’s length, I decided to add tent cards on each side of the centerpiece to extend the decoration. I printed the tent cards on 8.5″ X 11″ white cardstock–I put the text inside a black and white border and added flowers and a butterfly that looked very much like the napkins’ print. I always print the same message on the opposite side of the card so that guests on both sides of the table can read it.The contrast of the black-and-white checked runners and the colored flowers really pops. This is a tablesetting that stands out well and is super-easy to do. The checked runner could be in other colors like red to make the same impact.


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