Party Plan: Tie on a Fathers Day Party

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Tie on a Fathers Day party this June as a special celebration for your dad! Where would we be without our fathers, and this is the season to acknowledge all Dad has done for us!

Before you plan your party, be certain you are designing an event that your father would really enjoy. For instance, if your father is an active, outdoorsy kind of man, don’t plan a quiet, sit-down sort of formal party. If your family just likes his free time quietly with his family, don’t plan a big loud drinking party.

Now my dad loves big meals with his family probably more than anything else. So we invited everyone to join together for a meal of my dad’s favorite foods. I used scrapbook paper in the appropriate colors for placemats and made an individual tie to place on each placesetting to “tie” into the necktie theme we were using for Dad. My father wore a necktie to work every day and to church on Sunday, so the “tie one on” theme was perfect for him.I made party favors full of snacks and candies in white paper bags, attached different-colored paper ties that spelled out BEST DAD and used them to create a centerpiece table runner.Now what would work as a theme for your Father’s Day party? Fishing, motorcycles, cars, wrestling, running–what is your dad’s favorite pastime? Decorate around that theme and choose a menu for dinner that fits with his favorites; take Dad to the movies, the races, skating, a runner’s event or whatever Dad would like.MayMay your father enjoy his special day and the special celebration you’ve planned for him! Enjoy!

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