Party Pointer: To Co host or Not to Co host

To co host or not to co host–that is the question!

If you have a friend or family member who is getting married or having a baby in the near future? Are you thinking about hosting a bridal or baby shower? If you can’t decide whether you can handle hosting an event of this sort, here are some questions to consider:

If you can answer yes to most of the following questions, then you would probably handle hosting the shower by yourself:

  • Do you like organizing things?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you like to have everything just so your way?
  • Are you great at details?
  • Do you have enough time to organize the whole thing?
  • Can you afford to handle the party expenses?
  • Is your house big enough to hold everyone? Do you have access to an apartment or community clubhouse in which to host the shower?
  • Can you like to cook and bake or can you afford a caterer or prepared foods?
  • Are you sure yours is the only shower your friend will be having?
  • Is there anyone who will feel bad that you gave the only shower and they didn’t get to host the shower?
  • Are you sure nobody will be offended if you do it without their help?
  • How would that make your guest of honor feel if her other friends or family were upset?

But even if you want to give the party yourself, it does not mean that you can’t ask for help—you can borrow party equipment or décor from friends and family, or ask attendees to help follow up with responses, bring a food item, to be a greeter, photographer, server or clean-up helpers. including people you like who cannot or would not do it themselves

But there are many good reasons to consider sharing the shower responsibilities with other friends or family members of the guest of honor:

  • Sharing the expenses
  • Tapping into someone else’s creativity
  • Providing a great place to have the shower if they have a bigger house
  • Cutting down on the amount of time all this will take you
  • Making your life a lot easier while still giving your guest of honor a great party

The secret to co-hosting a fabulous party and having fun doing it is—decide who will do what now, while it is all still a fun theory. The more you work out now, the easier this whole thing will be for you.

The first thing to do once you have gotten one or more partners is to set up a planning meeting. At the planning session, you should have a delegation checklist, your personal calendars, information about the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes, interests, needs, available dates, people she would want to invite and a cooperative attitude.

Your job at this first meeting with your co-hosts is basically to decide on a date, time, and a theme and get a general idea of who will do what and how you’ll pay for it all. You probably want to have the first meeting with your co-hosts face-to-face if at all possible. Don’t be embarrassed as the coordinator since you initiated the meeting—someone has got to take the lead to get things moving, and usually your other co-hosts will be happy to work with you as long as you are being thoughtful of their suggestions and skills. Pick the jobs you really like, letting her(them) choose her/their favorites and negotiate the rest. Do speak up if there is a task you really don’t want to handle.

At this first meeting, you will also want to talk about money. Who will pay for what is somewhat covered in the delegation checklist, but that might not come out even for all participants. Everyone may want to ante up an equal amount and appoint one or two persons to be the bankers or to do all the shopping. They save their receipts to submit to the group to be repaid from the kitty. You may want to set an estimated amount for each co-host’s purchases and leave each person to pay for their own. You may want to work out a budget in advance for each co-host to follow in her purchases. Then each co-host submits her receipts to one person who will figure out how much everyone owes everyone else.

Working together can lead to an event goes smoothly, is not too taxing for any one host, and is a true joy for the guest of honor!


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