Tablescape: Garden Lovers Buffet

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IWhen springtime arrives and the weather begins to warm and the flowers begin to bloom, it is a wonderful opportunity to get outside for a Garden Lovers Buffet.Celebrating outdoors is always thrilling after a winter of being inside always inspires me. So I chose to set up a buffet reception on the lawn of our river cottage so we could enjoy seeing the water, the lawn and gardens and breathe in the fresh air. I covered two round and one rectangular patio tables with  deep pink cloths for a punch of bright color.I used a twig triptych screen found at the Wiliamsburg Pottery as the backdrop to buffet table. Its structure allows you to see through it to the water which is nice, but the woody vine material is reminscient of the outdoors. Next to the screen I placed a woven bee skeep, another outdoor yard feature, decorated with green ivy.

At each end of the screen, I placed a tall galvanized floral vase in which I placed bare branches and a bird’s nest. Then, I leaned a 3-D canvas garden sign against each vase. The signs, vases, branches and screen all make an attractive backdrop for the platters of party food in front of them.On each of the round buffet tables, I placed a large jar of liquid refreshments and cups. To enhance the look of these tables, I placed a large pot of green ivy.Once set, the buffet table was ready for the food and punch to be brought out, so my guests could enjoy them. Then as they nibbled on their refreshments, my guests walked around the yard to enjoy the garden. As one of my signs says, “When heaven falls to earth, it becomes a garden.” What a delightful way to be a part of this spring season–celebrating outdoors in full view of the gardens and the water! Enjoy!

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