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Next time you are looking for something to do, remote yourself over to the Lifetime Real Women Channel  to watch Next Door with Katie Brown. This cheery home and gardening television show host, author, and trained art historian presents domestic tips for a busy, budgeted lifestyle, covering everything from throwing a last-minute dinner party to shopping for bargains at flea markets.

With her Midwestern charm, girl-next-door persona and “keep it simple” ethic, Katie Brown demonstrates how to make a house a home. Next Door is just one of her television programs–she also has done Katie Brown Workshop where, from her real-life workshop, Katie used seasonal foods and colors to prepare simple and enjoyable meals, demystified the science of gardening and transformed holiday decorations into works of art.

Katie Brown, born 1963 in Petoskey, Michigan, grew up in a large family, having three brothers and sisters and surrounded by thirty-two cousins and fourteen aunts and uncles. Katie Brown was educated as an art historian at Cornell University. She also raced on the U.S. Ski Team and had a catering business in Los Angeles.She opened an antique store and cafe called Goat, which was located in Los Angeles and Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Katie Brown also has published numerous books on the subjects of cooking, gardening, and decorating: Katie Brown Decorates, Katie Brown Entertains, Katie Brown Weekends, Katie Brown Outdoors, and Katie Brown Celebrates.

On a recent episode of Next Door, Katie talked about how to put together an impromptu dinner party at the last minute. She talked about  using mix-n-match dishes and glassware in the same color tone and using a quilt or bedspread as a tablecloth. She demonstrated how to use ribbon to cover the handles of mismatched flatware for a festive look. She suggested using wired ribbon bows on mismatched candlesticks to use down the center of the table.

She worked with a caterer to turn lettuce, broccoli, asparagus and artichokes from the refrigerator into centerpieces. She also shared a recipe for the dinner party. In another episode, she learned how to make her own candles from an expert and then demonstrated how to create votive candle decorations with metal mesh. At the end of each episode, she reviews what she’s done with directions.

So if you like to watch craft or lifestyle shows, check out Next Door with Katie Brown for a leisurely, low-key opportunity to learn!

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