Party Plan: Nursing or Med School Graduation Party Ideas

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If you are planning a party for someone heading from high school or college for nursing or med school, here are some specialized ideas for your celebration. These nursing or med school graduation party ideas will also work to honor students completing their medical training and preparing to enter the real work world.

  • Decorate your driveway with signs like “Cindy’s Community Clinic” or “Graduation Grace Hospital”,  “Emergency vehicles  park here”, or “Visitors park here.”
  • Make a welcoming wreath for your front door that features medical instruments from a toy medical kit or Red Cross signs and red ribbons and flowers.
  • Prepare a musical playlist that includes references to mending hearts–like Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak my Heart” or the Bee Gees “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.”
  • Set up your party space like a hospital or clinic–use signs to label nurses’ station, waiting rooms, exam rooms, operating room and emergency room.. If possible, borrow or rent a gurney, medical stand, screens and skeleton. Decorate with large cutouts of nurses’ hats, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, red crosses, x-rays or other medical implements. Dress up mannequins or large stuffed animals in nurses’ outfits, doctors’ jackets, or hospital scrubs. Set out “Operation” games for guests to play during the party.
  • Have surgical masks, caps, gloves and shoes at the door for guests to wear with a sign that says, “Suit up for surgery!” Scatter adhesive bandages and gauze throughout the party space, and decorate table tops with vases full of lollipops – the perfect treat reminder trips to the pediatrician.
  • Use medical accessories or skeletal Halloween decorations for a wacky approach to the party–a new bed pan can be use as a serving platter and labeled apothecary jars can hold all kinds of candies for eating. New syringes or medicine bottles can be filled with flavored syrups and candies for favors.
  • With all of the hospital shows on TV, use characters’ names on food description cards.  Display comfort-food appetizers like homemade tater tots or mini grilled cheese sandwiches on hospital trays. Check the Internet for pictures of fun menu items.
  • Get creative for age-appropriate guests with  syringe Jello shots. Create a special cocktail for the guest of honor based on his/her favorite drink.
  • Make a cake or purchase one from a bakery that features appropriate nursing or medical elements. You might also make or purchase decorated cookies that look like Red Cross, bandages, nurses’ smocks or hats or medical coats.




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