Tablescape: Building Blocks Tablesetting

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When you are having last-minute dinner guests and want to jazz up your table, don’t panick! Don’t feel that you have to run to the store to buy flowers if you don’t have any in your yard. All you have to do is walk around your home and look for items that might work as an interesting conversation starter.

I found these bright colored plastic round and square building blocks in my sons’ playthings. I thought these would be perfect for a building blocks tablesetting–they are fun and would encourage the guests to build their own special creations while they are talking with each other and waiting for dinner. Once I chose to use these blocks, I began to plan the rest of the tablescape. Since we were eating at the round glass-topped table on the deck, we can add plenty of color to go in our table linens and tableware. I chose bright yellow straw round placemats to go under plain white dinner plates. The stark white of the plates makes the yellow of the mats and the other colors pop. The white of the plates also coordinates with the white rim of the table and chairs.

I then chose hot pink cotton napkins–I folded the napkins to lay to the side on the plate so that I could use a tower of four multi-colored blocks. Then I added a message I printed on my computer–the message encourages my guests to use their imaginations and creativity.

For drinkware, I used plain glass cylinder glasses. For color, I used plastic reusable ice cubes. You freeze these multicolored “cubes” in flower shapes–they are great because they don’t melt in your drink and dilute it. I bought these years ago at Pier I and have always loved them.

For one final touch for the glasses, I added strips of bulletin board border at the bases. This particular border I already had was in exactly the perfect colors to go with the tablescape. I just cut strips in lengths that go around the base of the glasses and taped them with cellophane tape. Bulletin board border strips are available at dollar, discount and craft stores. So check out things in your home for something to use as a centerpiece for your tablescape. Bold colors to go with them will create a lively table for your guests. Use your imagination to come up with a memorable tablescape!

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