Party Pointer: Entertaining Ideas for Lunch Time

Dinner time isn’t the only time you can have friends over for entertaining – invite them over for lunch instead. Check out these entertaining ideas for lunch time.

Entertaining during lunch has several advantages over dinner parties. It’s much easier to find a free Saturday or Sunday lunch date, than it is to find an evening that none of the potential guests are already busy. Lunch parties also tend to be more casual and family-friendly. Guests can bring their children and enjoy a relaxing meal visiting with you, while your children are busy doing the same with your guests’ children.With this being a lunch event, you don’t want the menu to be quite as heavy as it might be for a dinner party. Good food choices include sandwiches, salads or even a variety of fun and light appetizers.Make the food interesting by switching up ingredients. For example, use tortillas to turn regular ham and cheese sandwiches into fancy wraps. Another idea is to fill pita bread with a various veggies, lettuce and chicken salad. You can even make a wrap bar where guests can choose their own ingredients. Want to kick your lunch party up a bit? Set a creative theme and run with it. A few themes that are lots of fun and perfect for a lunch get together include summer or spring, Italian or a beach themed party, and even a specific decade or era, such as Victorian or the 60’s. Having a theme will make choosing foods and decorating easier, too.

If you want to serve a little alcohol at your lunch party is completely up to you. If you do choose to add a little drink to your party, remember to keep it light and in small quantities. Heavy wines or hard liquors may not be the best choice for a mid afternoon luncheon. Consider serving a light white wine or a refreshing beer instead. Sangria with cut-up fruit is a lovely beverage to serve.  As always, be mindful and choose drinks that compliment the food you’ll be serving.

If you choose not to include adult beverages, here are some ideas for non-alcoholic drinks instead–mineral water with lemon, cold tea, soda, fruit juice,     lemonade, or punch. For a little fun, prepare some virgin cocktails like frozen daiquiris or margaritas. Don’t forget about your little guests either if your guests will be bringing their children. Juice boxes and other single-serving bottled drinks are always a bit hit with kids.

Entertaining at lunch is something both you and your guests will enjoy. Give it a try today.

The relaxed atmosphere of a luncheon is a great change of pace that might just turn into a regular event between you and your friends and family.

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