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Grownup parties don’t have to be formal and fussy. Sometimes, we can have fun doing the same things that we loved as children such as having a grownup game night party! Try planning a nostalgic evening of friendly competition–you’ll revive great memories of childhood!

Ask your friends over–invite your guests to this casual party by word of mouth or email or even by text. For more fun, send the party details with a playing card, piece of Monopoly money or picture of a board game attached.

Straighten up– Don’t worry about this too much. Just put things away, so you and your guests feel comfortable in your space. If the weather is good, have the party on your deck, porch or patio.

Plan a menu– Make a decision about whether you want to serve dinner or just have appetizers and drinks. Keep your food plans low maintenance–pick simple recipes to make or buy take-out. Don’t forget to have vegetarian options for friends.

Make a party shopping list– Go through all of your recipes, and write down a master ingredients list. See what you already have on-hand and what you’ll need to get (don’t forget ice for drinks!). Making a list will help you spend less time and money at the grocer.

Have a good beat going for your guests–Set up a playlist of golden oldies or favorites from the time of your guests’ childhood and teenage years. Get everyone’s toes tapping..

Have appetizers ready– Your guests will likely arrive hungry and you’ll want to properly greet them. Have some platters sitting out when they arrive, so all you have to do is offer your guests drinks. This way, they can start to relax while you are finishing up things in the kitchen.

Make things extra special– Decorate your space with cards, dice, Monopoly money, Scrabble letters, bingo cards and old-time board games. You can even find candy in boxes that look like popular childhood board games. Packs of cards make fun and useful favors,

Set up a variety of games– The key to hosting a good grownup game night is to offer more than one game. Depending on how many guests you are expecting, you may want to have everyone play the same game at the same time, or you may have your guests move from game to game set up at different stations. Borrow board games from friends so all your guests can play at once. Try to have interactive games like Pictionary, Charades or Outburst that get your guests up and shouting.If your friends enjoy this evening of nostalgic entertainment, you may find that some of your guests will offer to host the next game night so you can all do it again!


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