Party Pointer: Taking Perfect Party Pictures

Taking perfect party pictures is something we all wish we could do, because we love having the wonderful visual memories to share with our family and friends.

Here are some photo tips that will have you taking good pictures of your party in no time!

• Designate someone at the party to take the pictures for you–usually you can find someone who really enjoys taking snapshots. That way if you are busy entertaining, you don’t miss out on the photo ops! You can also make a list to let them know what you want pictures of.

•  Zoom in close on your subject for the best impact.

• Get down to the eye level of your subject. It makes for a much nicer picture.

• Be aware of backgrounds. Before you snap that shot, make sure there’s nothing in the background that’s distracting. There’s nothing worse than the pics that look like something is “growing” out of someone’s head!

• Remember the still shots! Be sure to get some pictures of the cake, the colorful stack of gifts, and the pretty decorations.

• Capture the action! Take a sequence of pictures to “tell the story” of the party. This is especially effective during games and activities.

• Get a good mix. Take candid shots as well as posed shots so you get a well-rounded group of pictures. A group photo is always a fun idea at parties.

• Experiment with angles. Try tilting the camera on an angle or snapping shots from overhead to add some interest to your photos.

• When taking a picture of someone blowing out the candles on the cake, turn your flash off. It will enhance the candlelight in your picture.

• Make sure your batteries are charged prior to the party! There’s nothing worse than starting the party and realizing that your camera batteries or cell phone aren’t charged. You also need to be sure you have enough space on your phone to take the party pictures–transfer or delete photos so you will be ready.

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