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Real blossoms have for years been all we’ve had to use in decorating. If you didn’t have the access to flowers in your own yard or that of a friendly neighbor, you had to buy them at the florist. However you got them, your flowers were only going to last a very short time in your home–that was just the nature of real flowers.

But nowadays, we have access at any season to virtually any flower in any color through the amazing manufacture of wonderful polyester flowers. A rose may look like a rose. But is it really? Take a closer look. Faux flowers (many people call them silk flowers) have never looked so good, and today they’re more popular than ever. Multihued hydrangeas, gossamer poppies, slender lilies, and hundreds of other varieties are widely available and incredibly lifelike.

In this beautifully illustrated guide, Faux Flowers, floral designer Richard Kollath and writer Ed McCann demonstrate how easy it is to use faux flowers to add lasting, blooming color to every room of the house.

The author of several design books, Richard Kollath is a nationally recognized designer and craftsman. As a quilt and textiles expert and contributing editor for Country Living magazine, Richard has appeared regularly as a guest on the Discovery, Lifetime, QVC, and NBC networks. He grew up in his parents’ florist business and by the time he entered college, he was an award-winning floral designer.

Kollath tries to show in his book many unusual ways to show off ordinary flowers for our enjoyment.   A lush arrangement of ranunculus in a ceramic cachepot brightens a corner nook, and a table arrangement of red hibiscus blossoms and candlessets an exotic mood for a dinner party. A collection of anemones in tiny glass bottles cheers up a sunny windowsill. These are just a few of the more than 100 simple ideas in Faux Flowers.

With tips on designing, constructing, and displaying the arrangements, full-color photographs, unique container ideas, and an extensive suppliers list, Faux Flowers is the ultimate guide to creating beautiful arrangements that last. Maybe you will find some ideas you can adapt for your own enjoyment.

This book is available online.

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